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Awards & Accreditation

The Portrait Masters Awards and Accreditation was launched in 2017. This bi-annual event is the chance for professional portrait photographers around the world to compete for best-in-category and earn accreditation towards levels of mastery.

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Merit Levels

The accumulation of accreditation points is based on an international judging system. Images are judged on styling, composition, focus, lighting, connection, posing, post production and overall technique and presentation. Each image is judged separately and anonymously by 5 Masters Judges, an average score is calculated, and merits are awarded. Meet the judges and read full criteria on the awards page.

Bronze Merit

High professional standard of technique and communication

Silver Merit

Exemplary execution of technique and visual presentation

Gold Merit

Excellence in all technical fields with outstanding creative communication and narrative


Portrait Master — It is what we strive for.

This accreditation program, explicitly for portrait photographers of all genres, is a recognition of ‘high professional standard’, not something that awards merit only. Portrait Masters accredited photographers can ensure clients they are working with the true professionals of the industry. Points accumulate each round and never expire.

Associate Level

Master Level

Fellow Level

As each photographer qualifies for Associate, Master, and then Fellow level, their folio is reviewed by the Master Judges.

Accredited Photographers