Make Your First $1,000 Sale with Ashleigh Taylor

May 16, 2022 Special Event

It’s Within Your Reach Raising your prices can be scary, but here at The Portrait System, we’ve heard time and time again that your first $1,000 sale is your gateway to even more sales at $1,000 and more! Once you get that first great portrait sale, it gives you the proof that you are worth […]

DEMO: Save Time, Cull Quickly with FilterPixel

May 12, 2022 Product Demo

Work Smarter, Not Harder Running your own business means having lots of responsibilities that demand your time and attention. With so much to do, it can be challenging to achieve balance between your work and the rest of your life. Nikki Closser has been a professional portrait photographer for 10 years, and if you listen […]

Demystifying Compositing with Alana Lee

May 6, 2022 Artist Spotlight

Clubhouse Conversation: Alana Lee The art of compositing can add rich dimensions to portraits. But the result can look so otherworldly and complicated that many photographers feel too intimidated to try it. Alana reveals that this sometimes complex process is built on basic editing skills that most photographers are already doing. In this final episode […]

All About Portrait Masters Awards & Accreditation

May 3, 2022 Portrait Master Awards

If you’ve been wondering about the Portrait Masters Awards & Accreditation, we’ve got the scoop for you! We created this program to acknowledge, honor, and celebrate high-quality, professional work and to arm you with the public recognition you deserve in your field. As someone who did not receive a formal education, achieving these standards were […]

TPM Spring Sale Extended + New Courses!

April 29, 2022 Partners

Spring Savings for Your Business  Spring is in the air and with it come Spring Sales! This week The Portrait Masters has been offering 30 – 40% off everything in the store, and the sale has just been extended till Monday, May 2, Midnight PST. The Portrait Masters Store is your place to find educational […]

The Over 40 Revolution with Jeremy Rill

April 25, 2022 Artist Spotlight

Episode 123: Jeremy Rill Campaigns are a great way to generate buzz to get your business off the ground. Jeremy Rill’s Over 40 campaign has been so successful in getting his business booming that he renamed it The Over 40 Revolution. It has had him solidly booked out for the last two years and has […]

Unforgettable Maternity & Newborn Photography with Kristina Reche

April 22, 2022 Artist Spotlight

Clubhouse Conversation: Kristina Reche Maternity Photography and Newborn Photography are genres that fit so well together. This blog shares expert tips to help you be successful in each one. In the latest episode of the Portrait System Podcast: Clubhouse Edition, Kevin Conde and Ashleigh Taylor chat with Kristina Reche, a Maternity and Newborn Photographer based […]

Stand-Out Service from Home with Tina Leu

April 19, 2022 Artist Spotlight

Episode 122: Tina Leu Many photographers worry that having their business at home will make them seem less professional. But, Tina Leu shows just how successful having a studio in your home can be. In Episode 122 of the Portrait System Podcast, Nikki Closser chats with DC-area portrait and personal branding photographer Tina Leu. When […]

Dive Deep into Fine Art with Joshua Simmons

April 16, 2022 Artist Spotlight

Clubhouse Conversation: Joshua Simmons The tradition of portraiture extends into the classical period and beyond. As photographers, we are part of this rich, cultural practice that helps humanity understand the depths of our emotions and the profundity of our existence. In the latest episode of the Portrait System Podcast: Clubhouse Edition, Kevin Conde and Ashleigh […]

An Easy Buy for Seniors with Erica Manning

April 11, 2022 Artist Spotlight

Episode 121: Erica Manning High School Seniors have lots of options when shopping for their Senior photos, so make it easy for them to choose you! In Episode 121 of the Portrait System Podcast, Nikki Closser chats with Erica Manning, a Fellows-accredited portrait photographer based near Columbus, Ohio, who specializes in senior photography with some […]