The 5 Points of Selling

There are five crucial points of contact with your clients that you need to MASTER for selling in your business. We did a 5-video series of in-depth sales to help you dig in and purposefully strengthen every point of contact you have with clients. From the point you first meet them to asking them to send you […]

License Music from the Portrait Masters Store

I simply struggled to find good music, specifically for behind-the-scenes videos. So I asked two of the most talented people I know to write me some. One of the great perks of having two assistants who are musicians is constantly hearing their music playing in the studio. Now, Gerson and Caitlin have both written incredible music […]

How to Gift an SBE Membership

For over a year people have been asking how to gift an SBE Membership. We just set up two links with a new feature: Monthly Membership ($35/month): Annual Membership ($299/year): You can enter your friend’s name and email — and even set the date that the gift should be delivered. Or ask your family and […]

The Portrait Masters Judges 2017

This incredible panel of international judges collectively holds over 100 years of experience in both winning and judging awards – and of course, running successful photography businesses. They are all each in their own right highly respected photographers, judges, business owners, and most importantly, people. I am lucky enough to be friends with all of […]

The New SBE Video by Ale Vidal

I’ve been working with the amazing Ale Vidal to create this video for Sue Bryce Education for a year – yes, the shots in this video have been collected over a year. I have always been drawn to Ale’s work, her eye for beauty is absolutely remarkable. I knew I wanted to work with her […]

The Portrait Masters Conference 2017

If you joined us for the Portrait Masters Conference 2017 in Palm Springs, you know what a whirlwind of a weekend it was. Every speaker exceeded my expectations ten-fold, the energy held by the attendees was electric, and each vendor who showcased their products were absolutely outstanding. I am so incredibly proud of my team […]

STUDIO TOUR: Kelly Brown

She’s one of my dearest friends. A human and photographer that I admire so greatly. She is hard-working and humble and beautiful and I share this with you wholeheartedly. Six years ago, Kelly Brown walked up to me and asked me to mentor her. What she has built since then is nothing short of amazing. Join […]

How to Shoot a Dynamic Marketing Video

Have you ever wanted to film a beautiful behind-the-scenes marketing video for your studio but have no idea where to start? I created this basic shoot-list to guide you through. I narrowed it down to a 17-shot-checklist that will leave you with beautiful footage to create a dynamic Animoto marketing video. CLICK HERE to watch […]

Printing Q&A with Canon Specialist, Arthur Van Dover

I get so many questions about printing your own work. What color profile do I use? Do I use 8bit or 16bit? Which paper should I choose? How do I avoid banding and discoloration? All of your printing questions are answered in this conversation I had with Canon Printing Specialist, Arthur Van Dover where he walks […]

Slow Motion and Moving Portraits

I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again, video is one of the most powerful tools you can use in your business – both in marketing AND as a product for your clients. When I had Pia in the studio, I wanted to make sure I got a beautiful, hair-blowing moving portrait of her […]