Printing Q&A with Canon Specialist, Arthur Van Dover

I get so many questions about printing your own work. What color profile do I use? Do I use 8bit or 16bit? Which paper should I choose? How do I avoid banding and discoloration? All of your printing questions are answered in this conversation I had with Canon Printing Specialist, Arthur Van Dover where he walks […]

Slow Motion and Moving Portraits

I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again, video is one of the most powerful tools you can use in your business – both in marketing AND as a product for your clients. When I had Pia in the studio, I wanted to make sure I got a beautiful, hair-blowing moving portrait of her […]

New & Fabulous Scrims

When we were visiting Andrew Knowles’ studio in Dallas, I noticed he had this massive scrim that diffused the light so beautifully. They are 8×8′ feet and I instantly fell in love… so of course I instantly ordered two from Amazon for our studio in LA. They arrived today, and I am so excited to use […]

@suebrycestyle on Instagram

The mission of Sue Bryce Education is building profitable Portrait Businesses. But my OBSESSION is style hacks & making pretty things for photoshoots. I have a new instagram profile just for styling. Follow along @suebrycestyle to see backdrops, dresses, wardrobe, hacks, hair. All my pretties in one place:

Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are the most powerful word-of-mouth marketing that you can create. It is so important that you learn how to hot seat your clients to give you amazing testimonials that you can use to market your business and spread the word. Dawn’s Testimonial My shoot with Dawn was almost 5 years ago. I filmed […]

Face Your Fears: Emily Jane Photography

“Just over a year ago I was so lucky to be invited to a private gathering at Sue’s studio where we would discuss money and sales. This group later came back and did the Sales Intensive that you will find on Sue’s site. At our first private meeting, I broke down in front of everyone […]

Don’t Miss Out: The Downloads Page

Have you checked out the DOWNLOADS page yet? Every month we are adding new downloadable content for all SBE members to access at anytime. There’s all types of goodies like: Posing Guides: Workbooks on money, business, and self-value: Ever wondered where to download this makeup guide? Not to mention workbooks for each week of the 12 Week […]

My Message to Jen

“Inches mean nothing… but the weight of your words and the weight of your actions are everything.” I was on stage at ClickAway 2014 Salt Lake City teaching Posing. I asked them not to get me models, I would pick my models from the audience. You see just like clients, I wouldn’t know what I […]

Marcus Hoffman: Masterclass Profile

“I cant believe its been a month since the Master Class Workshop! Feels like yesterday, but also feels like so much time has passed. Writing out my journey has been like staring at myself in the mirror. ugh! I’m not one to ever talk about myself. I’m much more inclined to probe into others lives […]

Ashleigh Taylor: Masterclass Profile

“It’s taken me a couple weeks to process the masterclass which was one of the BEST experiences of my life!! I wanted to share my journey and how Sue’s teachings have changed my life + business.  I’m one of the originals in this group who discovered + watched Sue on her first ever CreativeLive in […]