Roberta Montagnini

Roberta is an award-winning Fashion and Fine Art photographer based in the US in Yorktown Virginia. In September 2019 Roberta was the winner of the Teen & Senior category at the Portrait Masters and was given the award by the hands of Sue Bryce on the stage in Phoenix, AZ. In November 2019, Roberta was the winner of the 1st and 2nd place on the Individual Portrait category of WPPI – Second Half, and also 2nd place on the Illustrative category. Roberta is passionate about art and giving her clients the experience of feeling beautiful as they are and empowered through her own vision. Her portraits often depict emotion, storytelling, and no small details are overlooked. Roberta also mentors photographers/artists looking to improve the quality of their work either by one-on-one bulletproof retouching/editing techniques, conceptual thinking, development of ideas, lighting, and working in small challenging spaces. To book your unforgettable experience with Roberta, simply visit her website or contact her directly via her social networks.