Lenka Jones —Bray, UK


  1. Lenka, I can feel your passion throughout this video. You have a beautiful soul. We need more people like you spreading love in this world. Congrats on all your accomplishments thus far.

  2. Oh gosh this made me really emotional. Great inspiration Lenka! I want this too, I can do this! Keep going you beautiful soul, you are doing incredible xx

  3. I loved this studio tour!!
    Lenka, your personality shines through and I can see you in every portrait you create. So glad Sue chose you for this.

  4. Anyone else getting the Lenka vibes? So peaceful yet magical. Sue thanks for another studio tour. They serve as a great inspiration for newbies like myself to keep pressing forward. <3 Just maybe one day that will be me telling my story -more like sobbing. Anyways… this video was EVERYTHING!!