35:36 Duration

The White Sheet

Simple, sexy, and iconic. This is one of my most favorite and requested sessions. Through soft back light, a blow up mattress, and white sheets, every body will look incredible in their images from this sensual, monochromatic, and highly effective and affordable shoot.

All you need for the white sheet shot is:

  • Bed or inflatable mattress (you could even use a large ottoman). Sue purchased the inflatable bed for $83 on Amazon. Using an inflatable is so easy!
  • White sheets
  • A large window behind your client
  • Scrim or sheer curtains to diffuse the light coming through the window
  • Reflectors to bounce the light back onto your client


  1. this is so great…you might want to also google these words: douglas kirkland and marilyn monroe portraits check out the images… a shoot that took place in 1961…very very cool

  2. Thank you for this! I can’t wait to try this!
    Have my Q-size air mattress, and am on the hunt for white sheets that are thicker than sheer voile curtains and don’t cost a fortune. LOL So pumped!