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Week 7: Pricing & Product

Today’s class is focused on the bridge between startup and professional.

The horrible grey area that exists between “am I good enough” and “no one will pay for this.” So how do you folio build and start earning an income? How do you price yourself when you feel below the professional level of others? And most of all, when am I good enough to start charging?

Everyone is at different levels of both shooting and selling experience. Today is the perfect time to break this down and see where we all fit in.

Let’s examine products and cost of goods so we can understand and start opening up to profit.

Learn the secrets to great service, and how to get your marketing and promotion needs met while you are still building a strong folio to sell.


    1. Kimberley, maybe somebody will correct me but a mat is a paper frame where you place your photo so when you take it to be framed, it won’t touch the glass. Mounted is when the lab stack/glue a hard paper or any other stiff material on the back of your printed image.

  1. Lots of great info. Keywords: Overcoming blocks to valuing your prices; reframing; Guilt and shame stop money from coming to you; charging for sitting, session, Photoshop or retainer fees; shoot/burn; working while building a folio; discounts don’t get you more bookings; fantasy package exercise; pricing your packages; folio boxes prices; congruency in value; framing; pricing framed images; printed reveal; digital presentation; online gallery; in-person ssles; b2b vouchers; relationship building exercise;

  2. I hate that I missed the live video of this bc I have a question for Sue Bryce…regarding the charity vouchers….she gave $1500 to one person and then everyone else received a $290 valued voucher that covered her sitting fee/hair and make up. My question is do you then offer an additional voucher at Sales if your client is not wanting to purchase anything or just wanting to purchase one image? Would you then say, I can offer you a $250 gift card towards the purchase of one of my packages???

  3. I can’t find Sue’s price list anywhere. Can someone direct me to where it is? I would like to use her price list as my fantasy price list as she suggests. Thanks!

  4. Is the cost of the folio box including the prints, or just the box? if the prints are included, then the price would be going up with more prints included…yes?

  5. So glad I waited to watch this, Been avoiding it, yes I have. Thank you Sue, I can feel the excitement, I used to sell photos for 20 bks, Just sold 8×10 last month for that and thought it was too much. I am worth more, I know I am worth more. Thank you, value yourself, Got to put that all over my walls,

  6. That was intense. I’m psyched!!! Sue you never falter. Your passion and conviction are in your words and tone. You make me laugh and scare me. A perfect storm.

    1. Graphistudio. I use their wedding albums….certainly the best quality I’ve ever seen and as a company they’ll go out of their way to accommodate even the craziest request their photographers have! Certainly well recommended.