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Retouching in Lightroom


  1. OMG!! BEN, I COULD KISS YOU!!! LR has been driving me completely insane at college and causing me MEGA amounts of stress. I’d decided I HATED it! ..but all I needed was someone to explain things from a Dummies point of view in a way that makes total sense! A million times thank you! I feel MUCH more confident now! 😀

  2. My first Creative Live class on LR was Ben Wilmore! I’ve become pretty good at LR, but I learned a few more great tips from this Ben. Thanks to both of you for this great video!

  3. Another keyboard shortcut – on the adjustment brush, instead of clicking on Erase, you can hold down the Alt key and it will switch it to the Erase brush.

  4. unbelievably helpful. wow! I actually own both of your courses on lightroom and photoshop Ben, but to apply this to portraiture and of course to what Sue is teaching us makes all the difference in the world!!! Thank you Sue for all you do and to both of you for this collaboration.