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1:11:46 Duration

Red Dress

Sue walks us through how she lights and sets up her studio for a beautiful and dramatic strobe shoot to create a painterly, Victorian-esque final product. Learn how to light pale skin, how the strobe looks different on a black vs. Oliphant backdrop, posing through a full rotation, and how to pose lean and flexible bodies so they don’t over do it.

Shoot (24:44)

Items Used:

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  1. I see that sue is bouncing the Rotolux into a v-flat to the left side of the model, I don’t understand why the light is greater on the right side of the models face…..there is a black flat on that side. I wish there was a different view of the white v- flat to see the precise angle bouncing in.

  2. I see Sue used a radial ND filter to cut down the light being so wide open on the aperture. Do you know if the Strobe was then set to its lowest output then feathered away from model?