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Present Yourself


  1. This is so inspiring, thanks Sue! What a great speech! I can easily sell myself socially, meaning I love talking to people (strangers or not) and have no problem going to a party where I don’t know anyone, because I normally leave with a few new friends, but when it comes to sell myself as a photographer is a completely different story. I can be enthusiastically talking about any subject, but when the conversation turns to my work my energy changes, my voice gets lower, it’s ridiculous. It’s like I have two personalities. Even those 20 seconds you have to talk about your services at a network meeting seem like 20 hours to me. However, I know that the more I do it the easier it will get. I also started rehearsing what I am going to say beforehand, which helps tremendously, and focus on believing that the strong and confident social version of me is the same as the professional one (not always an easy task, but I’ll get there).

  2. Second time listening to this (first time a while ago in the car). WOW! I am so floored and excited by this presentation. Biggest take-aways “Fear and excitement. Same sensation, different thought. You control the thought” and “People can get information anywhere (google) but people pay for entertainment. I loved the 6 Es and the way you finished the presentation. Thank you for the inspirations here. I love the focus on just selling WHY we do what we do, not WHAT we do. I am reading “Start with Why” right now and this falls totally in line. Love ya, Sue!