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People are Selfish


  1. Sue is talented assimilator of information. I think it’s powerful perspective change when you change your beliefs about yourself from “wanting to be liked” to “giving something we need/seeking.” It’s so much easier to talk up what is working rather than the person. We do that naturally when we are making a recommendation for someone’s service that we have experienced. Another idea here, “no one is devoted to anything unless they are getting something from it” is additionally important if you’re wondering what your “values” are. Knowing what our VALUES can help us discover what our blocks are.

  2. You are so right. I do have the perfect clients. And they are holding up a mirror. And I can see that I don’t value myself. I love this video! Thank you for speaking from your heart!

  3. So true. I believe 100% in the value of my service and it’s beginning to show in amazing clients that don’t even blink at my prices. Sue you are a life changer.

  4. I just love it! It’s so very true. When I’m feeling great about my business, I attract great clients (ie I value myself and they value my service). When I’m feeling down, I attract less ideal clients. It’s so easy to see the big picture and how one affects the other. Now to put it into daily practice. <3

  5. Love this one 🙂
    Especially the part about not being able to give to others before looking after yourself. I’m always scraping the bottom of the barrel and putting my hubby and kids needs first. I’m not even meeting my medical needs!

    1. Preach!!! Another stunning talk. So many people with dirt on their faces trying to wash the mirror. You are calling it like it is, Bryce.