Natural, Constant, and Strobe

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Natural, Constant, and Strobe

  • Do you ever feel that there just isn’t enough light in your studio to work with? Even if you’ve never thought seriously about using artificial light, Sue walks you through a few different lighting setups to consider when the daylight just isn’t measuring up. Then, compare and contrast each shoot to find a scenario that will work best for you.

Shoot with Kino Light (14:20)

Sue shows us the surprising results of using a constant light source while shooting a portrait of Dani. This is a great solution if you’re worried about the amount of light in your studio, or if you just need a boost of natural light.

Items Used:
Kino Flo
C stand & sand bag
– white Vflats (available at local camera supply)
– backdrop

Key Things to Take Away:
Place at an angle, nice wash of light similar to natural
Can use for video light as well
Great if you’re worried about the amount of light, or need a boost of natural light

Shoot with Kino + Scrim (5:47)
When we add the scrim in front of the constant light source, it forces the light to become more spread out and the result is a bit softer. Even though adding the scrim adds additional cost, Sue explains that it could very well be worth it to shoot at any time of day.

Items Used:
Kino Flo, three blubs
C stand & sand bag
– white & black Vflats (available at local camera supply)
– backdrop

Key Things to Take Away:
Incredible light to shoot any time of day
Light source is being spread out, and it’s soft

Shoot with Strobe (7:24)
Using the same setup as the constant light, Sue uses her strobe to bounce light onto the client. Watch as she makes small adjustments to get the light just right, and gives you insight on how the strobe can enhance your studio.

Items Used:

Key Things to Take Away:
-Using these lights can save you a lot of time in post-processing
-They also can really enhance your studio – big plus is that you can shoot any time of day
-Don’t spend money on things that won’t help you make more money

Retouching (14:03)
Go through the photos taken with natural light, constant light, and the strobe. See the difference in detail and compare and contrast which lighting scenario you like the best.

Items Used:

Key Things to Take Away:
-The goal is not to get away from your favorite style of lighting. The goal is to find a solution to shooting outside of daylight hours.

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