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The Money Wheel of Misfortune

If you don’t address the problems you have that ultimately effect your ability to RECEIVE and MANAGE money, you just cannot run a successful business! As much as we don’t want to admit it, our current situation with money is a direct reflection to what is going on inside of us.


  1. Wow- a lot of great info in just the avoidance segment. I loved “Own the debt – face it then say you don’t do that anymore”. Turn avoidance into daily practice and “you created the monster, you can get rid of it”! Money blocks is a HUGE issue for me. Thank you for this!

  2. I am realizing more and more that not only do I have money misfortune but that I get in the way of my husbands good money habits! We get in arguments about it all the time and I use to think that I am right and now I realize that he is usually right….but yet I still feel shame and guilt and most of the rest of the rainbow.

  3. This is excellent, a real eye opener and I can see I have some work to do here. I can also see how I can put this information in terms of my wedding management business to help my couples in seeing the purpose of their event, valuing the services they employ and to enjoy budgeting and their event without going into huge debt. I’m excited to see how I can change. I am a huge giver, I know I have resentment, not all the time but its definitely there. Thank you, I love to watch and feel I’m in the conversation with you, its all so sincere and your willingness to share your weaknesses is so helpful

  4. I can’t tell you how glad I am that we talked about tight-fistedness. That’s me and I know there are loads of people who need this self-check! About 4 years ago, I listened to “the 11 forgotten laws” and realized I actually needed to SPEND more money. I got up the courage and I literally spent money to make my office and home functional. I realized how many things I was actually depriving myself of! Just simple household items that make life easier, I thought I couldn’t have. I had no idea it was causing lack for me. I would feel horrible guilt every time I shopped. I’d pull out items from my cart every time I got to the register. I’m so relieved to have gotten over that! And strangely, I have more money now! I decided to spend my money with gratitude for others goods and services, as well as reward for my efforts. I grew up with a spendaholic mother who I resented for being so frivolous and that’s where I got the idea to be exptremely the opposite. But there has to be a balance in everything! That’s how growth happens.

  5. This was so eye opening! I’m a tight fisted because I lived in scarcity growing up and I never knew when I would be able to replace something. But my husband is a melting pot of the other side of the wheel. Not only am I trying to get my Photography business off the ground, but I’ve been running his electrical company from home for the past two years. Thank you for identifying these blocks and the things that we need to work on to remove them. I’ve been on a personal journey for about 8 months trying to discover my self worth/value and this subscription (gifted by a fellow photographer for the month) was impeccably timed. Looking forward to having a life of abundance as I implement what I’m learning through providing the service that goes hand in hand with my passion and dreams. Amazing!

  6. Great talks. I’m just listening to Avoidance and now that I’m married I notice my husband watching every dollar that comes in and goes out of his accounts. I have watched my money daily at times, but not with the same scrutiny that he does. It is something he is trying to teach me to be more aware of. I took a two year hiatus off from photography only because I could no longer support myself and went through my entire savings. Now that I’m rebuilding my business in a new home city I’m looking forward to creating a different way of operating.

  7. The first segment, Introduction, always seems to cut off early. Does that happen to anyone else? Yes, I’ve listened to this quite a few times… 🙂

  8. wow! i felt such discomfort hearing this, but also so hopeful. i know the money situation is all me. i want to change. i wish there were more of these videos. so very helpful. this is the first video i watched and i am willing to change . thank you so very much

  9. So what do you do if you know you are an overspender and need to feel fulfilled but don’t know why, you can’t pinpoint it to anything. Anyone else had this?

  10. Not receiving was so spot on for me. I learned to accept complements a long time ago but I still feel guilty about accepting money for my services. Got to get to the bottom of that. Thank you.

  11. This has been helpful I have struggled with not feeling worthy my entire life. The way the questions where posed gave me more insight to my struggle and more to reflect upon and work with than I have had, thank you ladies for all that you do.

  12. I just joined Sue Bryce Education and this is the first place I began in the videos. What slices of the wheel I thought I was in the beginning is somewhat different when I finished. An eye opener. Thanks for the Money Wheel videos.

  13. Wow! Loving this – although it is really painful to watch. I have so many issues with money. I work so hard for my clients, give them so much, then feel guilty when I send an invoice!! Seriously messed up.

  14. Omg I just realized that me being a tight fisted is not such a good thing as I used to think it was!!! Thanks so much for this segment, it hurts sometimes but I know that when it hurts the most, there is the moment to counteract.

  15. I confess, I confess. I am a money leaker. I am a new member and this is the first place I went to start my journey with Sue Bryce Education. I have to say I am every color on this wheel and a flood light has just been focused on all of it. I downloaded the workbook and look forward to learning about how to manage my money so I can get my business off the ground and start wasting money and time.

    Sue, thank you so much for such a generous and heartfelt gift to the photographic community in offering this educational endeavour. I have read nothing but great things on the Facebook page for Sue Bryce Education. The draw way too strong to ignore.

  16. On not receiving would you agree that as creatives we are givers. It is our nature to be a giver so we’re shocked when others aren’t? What Sue said is SO TRUE, we sit back and wait for them to notice with our head hung hoping for their validation and we’re surprised when they don’t give it because WE WOULD! Perhaps that’s what makes us special? Guess we just need to recognize it and learn how to deal with it. Thanks ladies!

  17. This is exactly what I need to hear. I am feeling anxiety and a bit overwhelmed but I know I need to shine the light on my issues in order to move forward and change.

    1. Me too, Tracy! I listened to this one last night and I almost felt like running away…. Almost!

  18. I’m going through some major life changes and I’m so happy to find these videos to help me, and my business head in the right direction as I take control of my new life! So excited for the sales intensive also!

  19. I just love you so much Sue. You’re like my fairy godmother. I’m just opening up my own studio. I’m an auditor/nurse with a dream and you have no idea how much you have helped me. I found you at the absolute perfect time and I will forever be grateful to your lessons. I haven’t slept much so I’ve spent the last couple weeks absorbing your lessons. I really had a problem with self worth and valuing my brand. Thank you for putting into words what I could never express. I got my 24-105 on eBay tonight and I know you are starting me off on the right foot. God bless you and your amazing business Sue <3 Lacey

    1. I am right with you Lacey.. my whole life plunged into a very painful dark place last May… Ive spent the better part of this last year pulling myself up and into my own light. Ive always photographed… everything!! from Macro to portrait ( candids were my excuse to not educate myself and live in a mediocre place in my talent HAHA!! candids are great but I have more talent then to be an “accidental” photographer) to landscapes which Ive loved. Now its time to be who I am and let my abilities ( which have always whispered to me of a more fulfilled life) take the lead. Sue… YOU don’t know what a GIFT it is to be led (law of attraction) to find you… and to listen to your words of wisdom and inspiration. I love you for being the educator you are!!! Everything changes….everything HAS changed… I will never be the same again. THANK YOU! <3

  20. “No more, and no less.” That really resonated with me. I’m always thinking terms of “I need to just make this much to pay these bills.” Time to change that!