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Marketing Intensive


  1. Woke up on a Sunday morning excited to watch this Facebook marketing video. My tummy is in knots with excitement as I now know where I have been going wrong. Sue you make me smile and you have lifted my spirits high this morning. I am now jumping out of bed ready to move forward !! Thank you xx

  2. This message is for Ms. Sue Bryce. When offering to pay up to $100.00 for an actual client, (bum in seat), from a local merchant, was that offer to include the voucher for the double make-over, complimentary session and $100.00 toward images? Or would it be the voucher as a gift to the merchants customers and the $100.00 for the clients that the merchant recommends without a voucher? Thank you! Deborah

  3. This message is for Emily London. You said you do not use a pdf for price lists. I believe you said you use a video, is that correct? Is it a video you made yourself in Animoto or similar program?

  4. Has the second magazine printer been announced yet that has the gorgeous matte version? I do not see it on the printing vendors list in the download.

  5. dear all, I’m doing my terms and privacy policy + cookie policy using a service online. I’m using an Italian provider, based in Milan . They provide you with support in different languages, and you may also generate a simple privacy policy and terms of use for free. I tried it last night and it’s very useful to start up but I think I’ll buy the yearly subscription for 19euros (20dollars more or less) to get access to all the major features. It’s very important, I did not realized that before Sue mentioned it that this is a HUGE issue to cover properly. Hope it helps. see ya around
    here’s the link for the site in English

  6. This is question for Shauna…I posted already and haven’t had a reply in regards to the discount for Members for your templates. You mentioned one? And I just wanted to know where we could find that info before we purchase…
    Also…I feel that the old site was better for replies…Sue and Mentors replied to every single one of my questions and since the new site, I haven’t had one reply…
    Just some feedback.

    1. I noticed there aren’t a lot of answered questions here. My guess is that they want you to ask on the facebook group so they don’t have to answer the same questions in two different places.

  7. Hi,

    These questions are for the mentor, Emily, during the video 5, you said you give directions to your client how they can use the print & online pictures, and you mention they use a double tag (position: your business, with: your personnal page), what is the point to have this double tag? Maybe, my question is why do you ask for a tag with you personnal fb accompt (not your business) tag?

    And you also mention, you reach (individually) one person from your networking group to offer them a spare date. What does happen if this person said the date is not convenient for her/him? Do you send others invitations later (in few months? Or do you consider if she/he does not make time for it maybe he/she does not really want a shoot)? Or maybe I do not understood well, do you offer the spare date to the all the member network at the same time?

    I am looking forward the answers,
    Thank you for all the tips and advice you (all) give,

  8. One of my biggest struggles is with building a website. I have a site only because I took a class which helped with setting one up. What do most of you all do? Do you hire someone to build it? I think it would be helpful to know what platforms/templates/help are available to end up with a well designed website. I loved this entire Intensive and learned so much from it. Thank you Sue!

    1. ProPhoto Blogs is my fave resource for building a website. It’s a platform that works with WordPress. They have beautiful designs and if you know WordPress, you can maintain it yourself.

  9. Shauna, you mentioned that members get a discount on the magazine templates? Is there a code for that when purchasing? Does this apply to the Gift Cards or were these available for download somewhere on this site? Sorry. So much info it’s hard to catch it all! Your help is appreciated 🙂

  10. Does anyone know what website template from Squarespace that Emily London Portraits uses? Any insight on what website template Sue uses as I assume it’s custom but looking for a great website option?

  11. I love watching sue to improve my business but strangely I also find that when im feeling down and just not good enough with my photography business and life , that when i come to watch sue it boosts my mood… quickly. at that.

  12. Just wow…. every second of every video but there was a moment I almost cried… when Sue talked about the girl that brought underwear to her shoot in that first before and after. For me that hit home. You’ve heard it a million times but Sue even that isn’t enough – thank you 🙂

  13. I’m loving all the content. Tried to download the Facebook Ads .pdf and it says it’s blocked. Won’t download at all. Would appreciate the help to get it downloaded. Thank you!

  14. What is the best program to edit video in? I am so lost when it comes to video. I have taken them but I can not for the life of me get them into a program to edit and then use.

    1. Are you looking for a basic video program or something with a bit more freedom? I’m a huge fan of Adobe Premier Pro and Final Cut because I grew up on it, but for something quick, I don’t wanna spend too much time thinking about, iMovie works just fine.

    2. If you need to get something out the door quickly you can do some ‘hack’ kind of editing in photoshop. Sue shows how in the video marketing section on her website. And then use Animoto Pro. OK, so it’s not full ‘proper’ editing, and a film maker will look at it and poo-poo your work, but if you’re doing it to attract clients into your photo studio (and assuming film makers are not your target market!), then it’s a great way to go.

    3. Take a look at Adobe Premiere Elements. It is much more fully featured than Animoto, but not as complex (or pricey) as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. It’s around $60-70, one time payment. If you’ve never used a video editing program, there is a requisite learning curve and commitment of time. But there are online tutorials, and if you know Photoshop or other Adobe products, you’ll find similar shortcut keys. I think it’s a great compromise between price and function. The main downside is that you’ll have to find and likely pay for licensed music on your own, which is included in Animoto, but Animoto isn’t free either. I think you can download a trial version; it’s worth a try.

  15. Does Sue sell her black embossed water bottle? I’ve been searching all over the place; I want one! If you know, can you message me, please? “LeGary Photo” on FB. Thank you!

  16. I really would like to do a champagne party. I don’t have a studio, but do you really feel that I can’t just rent a place and have a mothers day out party with all the botox and lingerie, makeup and hair demonstrations and get clients from that. I feel its a great idea to do in February to advertise for valentines shoots and pre mother’s day advertising.

  17. Shauna, Could you comment in more detail on the information you sent out to all the offices in your area to get the 12 women you said that you shot? I have had the honor of photographing an entire office for an Endocrinologist here in Houston but I would love to be able to contact other offices to provide the same service to them. I was able to get into this office because I was first a patient there but to provide personal branding shoots for the entire building and beyond to other offices would be amazing

    1. The letter I sent included an introduction to what and how I photograph the service I could provide to them which was photographing their client “after” portraits to use in their marketing. I also included a $100 gift voucher that they used to buy the images with. So they chose their spokesmodels and sent them to me to be photographed and the business chose the images they wanted to use for their marketing.

  18. One of the mentors mentioned that she set up workflows/life cycles that automate a process for getting a lead and sending the information to the them, then sending them follow up emails. Is there any training on how to set this up specifically in a way that works? IE, step by step – step 1: lead fills out website form, step 2: email is sent with pricing pdf, step 3: follow up email is sent out if they did not respond, etc. And also, how exactly is Acuity built into this system – I already have acuity so would love to link everything up.

  19. I am in the folio building stage. Will you be doing anything coming up on that particular stage of building your business? There are so many fears and overwhelming elements… lol. It would be so great to get a class on that. Thanks Sue!!

    1. I have never see audio files, but what I do is log in on my phone and just listen to the video – just keep your phone plugged in so it doesn’t die on ya.

  20. “Do not pigeonhole women.” That is the best quote I have heard in a while because it resonates with me on a personal level. Being a Hispanic woman it seems that some people, Hispanics included, like to think they ‘know’ me. It gets under my skin specially when I walk in to a store and the hispanic person there speaks to everyone in English but then greets me in Spanish. It infuriates and offends me.

    1. This is odd, as I welcome that. I’ll smile, answer back in Spanish as a greeting, then switch back to English. As long as they’re not personally attacking me I take no offense. Spanish is a beautiful language. What I don’t like is people demeaning it.

    2. I infuriates me when I walk into a department store and assume I need the clearance rack because I am Hispanic and can’t afford it. If I can’t afford it, it’s definitely not because I am Hispanic.

  21. Does anyone else hate talking on the phone? I can do everything else but I have always hated being on the phone. I put off calling leads back all the time. I know it’s a block but no idea how to overcome it!

    1. I used to feel exactly like you Stine, I hated talking on the phone. What helped me overcome it is to talk on the phone for 5 hours per day, until you just don’t mind anymore. That’s the best way, really. 🙂

    2. You have to push through it – do what you hate first – then it’s overwith. It’s called resistance. The only way to get over some of this stuff is just to bite the bullet and do it. I know EXACTLY how you feel! Prepare ahead of time and if you don’t have an answer because you hadn’t thought of what they are asking, just say, let me get back to you on that – I have things written down – not all in my head – or something to that effect.

    3. I am hard of hearing and sometimes I struggle with the ringing in the ears. However, my part-time job has led me to make many phone calls and taught me to be professional and concise. Practice by making ordinary phone calls to your local restaurants ( order to go) even make your payments over the phone. Eventually you’ll feel better 🙂

  22. I always give away my work to the church group. I’m so tired of that. I don’t get recognized as a serious professional there either. I love what you just said about them being my friends or just acquaintances. TRUTH!

    1. Stein, I started answering the robo calls and talking crazy stuff with them. After a week it was easy. I started off saying Jo, Jo is that you? When are you coming home jo? And away I went. Talking to them. They do not give up. I learned quickly!! I worked retail for many years and was on the phone all the time. It was hard when it was for my art, but not for retail in the store.

    2. Hi Heike,

      (video5 ): What is your argument for sending the digitals the next day? (Studio policy, you have to do something on it…?) And how do you send the pictures (transfer online, USB stick …)?
      I think it is a great idea,
      Thank you in advance for you answer,