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Humble Beginnings: The Home Studio

Bethany Tubman Johs started her business taking portraits in a park before she graduated to shooting in her home and eventually her own studio. Watch as she takes Sue through her journey of conquering her own personal blocks and how using a reveal wall nearly tripled her average. “If you want it badly enough, you’ll find a way.”

Key Points:

  • As long as you make the day about your client, it doesn’t matter where you are. If they feel special and taken care of, the surroundings disappear.
  • Using a behind-the-scenes video before a reveal can bring them back to the beautiful day they had – bringing back the excitement and awe.
  • Put what you want out there so if it comes along people can bring it to your attention


  1. Thank you for sharing. The make-up add on is new to our studio. We have been offering “final touch ups” but look forward to offering more. <3

  2. This is so cool my first thought was I thought Bethany was from Alaska. She has this Alaska look about her reminds me of home. I am from Fairbanks, Alaska.
    So I am watching the mentors of this bunch of folks on this group and I am listening to their story. I like Bethany’s story because I use to drive truck thru Fargo, North Dakota and I know that area pretty well. Use to sleep at the Flying J Truck Stop. Stories are great how come there are no men with a story. Haven’t seen one.