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Branding Your Business


  1. Sue, every time I watch another video I literally feel the excitement about the endless possibilities. Thank you for your empowerment and belief in sharing your knowledge. You truly have a gift x

  2. hi sue..i just joined your education group. i am from the Philippines and i am super excited about finding you. Every time i hear you speak about something i see it i myself… and i am inspired. Thank you sue,, I am learning so much.

  3. Hey Sue! I have a question- About 4 years ago I started my photography business and about 3 years ago I stopped. I wasn’t well equipped enough to keep it going, and my heart fell out of it. I took some time off and when I did I was able to find myself as a photographer, grow as a person, and finally feel compelled to get it going again.
    Here is my current struggle: The work I was producing 4 years ago isn’t bad at all, but it is not how I want to be seen. The work I’ve done on the past 3 or 4 shoots really reflect who I want to be known as. I’m building my website and find it hard to not have a lot of different clients up- but I don’t want to let that stop me from publishing and promoting my website.
    So my question is: What is more important? Putting up photos that don’t necessarily reflect my current style? Or only putting up my last 3 or 4 photoshoots and risking people thinking that I am not experienced? I kind of feel silly as I type this, because I think I know the answer as I say it out lout, but I would still like your take!