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Branding Your Business


  1. Confidence or empowerment are my words. I dont talk about it, but whenever I can lift someone up, motivate them and make them believe in themselves, I do it. That’s what got me into this, wanting to make women feel beautiful in a world of constant comparison to unattainable body images. Show them that now is when they are beautiful. Not ten years ago. Not when they’ll lose 10kg. NOW.

  2. Sue, every time I watch another video I literally feel the excitement about the endless possibilities. Thank you for your empowerment and belief in sharing your knowledge. You truly have a gift x

  3. hi sue..i just joined your education group. i am from the Philippines and i am super excited about finding you. Every time i hear you speak about something i see it i myself… and i am inspired. Thank you sue,, I am learning so much.

  4. Hey Sue! I have a question- About 4 years ago I started my photography business and about 3 years ago I stopped. I wasn’t well equipped enough to keep it going, and my heart fell out of it. I took some time off and when I did I was able to find myself as a photographer, grow as a person, and finally feel compelled to get it going again.
    Here is my current struggle: The work I was producing 4 years ago isn’t bad at all, but it is not how I want to be seen. The work I’ve done on the past 3 or 4 shoots really reflect who I want to be known as. I’m building my website and find it hard to not have a lot of different clients up- but I don’t want to let that stop me from publishing and promoting my website.
    So my question is: What is more important? Putting up photos that don’t necessarily reflect my current style? Or only putting up my last 3 or 4 photoshoots and risking people thinking that I am not experienced? I kind of feel silly as I type this, because I think I know the answer as I say it out lout, but I would still like your take!