Nikki Closser: First Years in Business

(Nikki and I shot together on Saturday, we discussed the Mentors on creativeLIVE Startup Portrait and how a few people commented that “Yeah but, the Mentors were privileged” and NIKKI HIT THE ROOF The perception you see when you are struggling is that it’s easy for everyone else but not for you. This is the […]

Sue & the Mentors Suppliers List

Sue Bryce – Los Angeles Album Boxes and Matts Finao (USA) or Seldex (AUS) embossed box with Sue Bryce Portrait Printing in Studio Canon Pro-1 and the Epson 7900 Mounting and Framing LA Custom Framing Emily London Miller – Salt Lake City ProDPI Fuji Deep Matte 8×10 prints. $2.88 per print. t’s been hard for […]

The Reveal Wall

True Story: 12 Years ago a business coach asked me “Who is your demographic” I thought about it and answered “Female 18 – 80” he laughed, I didn’t. End of Story My demographic is female, that does not mean I do not shoot husband and sons, it just means this is my marketing demographic. That’s […]

The Red Dress Portrait / Watch Me Shoot

Welcome in to my world of Contemporary Portrait. Watch over 200 videos and have your own images critiqued for only $35 a month (you can cancel your subscription at any time) Join me here at When you become a member, you’ll get access to incredible, content-rich videos that cover a huge range of topics: […]

The White Sheet

This is the Image I chose for it very much speaks to the simplicity of Contemporary Glamour and she is In Bed. True story: The irony is I am not a boudoir photographer although I have always photographed people in their underwear (by request) the name InBedWithSue came from my New Zealand Studio circa […]

Meet the Mentors

A Message from Sue Bryce: Introducing The Mentors These Nine Photographers are in their Start Up first three years in Contemporary Portrait after completing my Workshops. Each of these photographers have been building their studios at a remarkable pace and working their way through the 9 areas of portrait business, building their sales higher and […]

The Sash Dress Challenge

True story: Circa 2003 a client turns up to my start up no doors shonky garage studio in the country. Despite the phone consultation (although if I am to be honest) I probably just emailed her and expected that she would read it. She shows up for her Glam shoot with no clothes, wearing boy […]

Chalkboard Paint & A Gorgeous Woman

I painted this backdrop and it screamed EIGHTIES I screamed back HELL NO. I wasn’t too worried as the drop sheet had cost $20 and the paint about the same so I thought oh well it’s already primed for another coat. Then I had the idea to use chalkboard paint so I jumped on Amazon […]

Painting a Canvas Backdrop

On Sunday I had a GREAT IDEA to photograph a special Victorian Style shoot with a dress that I have access to for one day. So off I went to the hardware store and bought 2 quarts of paint and a gallon of white. After all if it all turned bad I would throw the […]

Hack Your Own Designer Gown

Lets get this clear. I AM NOT A DRESS MAKER! My dress maker Mother bought me my first bought dress on my 10th birthday because I begged her to, I tore the frill off at first break at school (we laughed about the cheap quality) I had home made dresses all my life and when […]