Ann Landstrom — San Diego, California


  1. DONE is better then PERFECT!
    I will remember this Sue,because I am strungeling with the same things as Ann.
    My magazine is still not finished,and I wanted so bad that it was finished for critique.
    I always say,i will,…….but then something in me says,it isn’t good enough.
    I will some day,…..

  2. Wow! Love this! I was just in San Diego. I wish I would have watched this video prior to my trip. I would have loved to stopped by and met you Ann! I’m coming back there again, so hopefully next time! 🙂

  3. Another brilliant studio tour, I keep looking at the ways I can’t make a home studio happen. Ann and Sue, you’re helping me realise that its all possible! Thank you.

  4. This was just so inspirational. I shoot from home too and Ann you made it look so easy while I know moving everything out and around can be quite frustrating sometimes.
    You are incredible Ann ❤️

  5. So inspirational. Sitting here at work watching the photos coming up, gasping, going, “Ohhh wowww…” Luckily no one around me today, lol.

  6. Ann, your story is incredibly inspiring as is the space you work in. I have an empty room in my house that can be used for shoot but I feel like I need a commercial space for clients to take me seriously. You proved me wrong. Thank you!

  7. Oh Ann! You rock! Love your improvising…. hair dryer, lounge pack up and set up etc…. I’m off to buy rollers for my lounge suite! Your work is truly beautiful, and you should be so proud of what you have built for yourself. Good luck with getting bums on seats! 🙂

  8. Dear Ann as a mum I can say you are incredibly well organised, all space and picture wall, easel, desk with printer and computer it’s blending effortlessly.
    You went through amazing business journey with amazing Sue….You must be proud of yourself as I am deeply inspired. I am a bit younger but thanks too you I feel I can still do it! Sue you should be proud of yourself not only you achieved your highs and overcame your blocks and fears but now as a mentor you are rocking when all your students are succeeding it must give you chill all the time.
    Well done!!!!! We Women are the BEST!!!!!!!!!

  9. That was so inspiring and just amazing!! Well done Ann, LOVE your home, your work and your marketing materials! I love these studio visit series!!

  10. Marie I think it’s a c clamp style fitting or one of the plastic fittings you can get at a plumbers yard or a hair dressing fixture but if needs be use electrical tape

  11. That was absolutely amazing, I actually found this one more inspiring than the Kristina Houser one only because what Ann is doing seems so attainable! I’m in the home studio stage right now so I really enjoyed this.