Paul Gero — Orange County, California

Paul first came to my attention 2 years ago. I thought it was amazing that this established photographer with a 34 year career had adopted my business model.

Paul and his wife Nicki run their business out of their home. They have full studio and reveal wall setup in their garage. Their garage business demonstrates that it does not matter where your studio is located.

This is my first studio tour of a married couple. Paul and Nicki are an excellent example of how you can create the perfect work/life balance when properly executing my business model.


  1. What a beautiful, sweet, thoughtful and amazing couple! I would love to take a class with Paul some day! And their garage! Every time I start to feel like my space isn’t “up to par” and see something like this, I’m reminded that it’s about the experience and the passion and enthusiasm that we, as photographer’s, bring to the shoot and the client. Bravo Paul and Nicki! Thanks for sharing their lives and business with us! 🙂

  2. Loved this! I consider myself lucky to have met Paul, who is truly a kind and humble person. Thank you Sue for shining a light on him, the work he is doing, and the wisdom he has to share 🙂

  3. OMG Sue! I loved this. Watching all of these studio tours give me so many ideas & hope to look forward to implementing. Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Sitting here with a tear or two… What a great tour! It’s even cooler when it’s someone you know… Paul and Nicki (who I hope to meet sometime soon!!) Congratulations on finding this groove together. I just love it! Sue, thanks for every inspiring moment. We are beyond blessed to have a mentor like you!

  5. This was so inspiring because I am an older photographer (65) and come with lot of life experience and also been a photographer for many years with on and off spurts. I am so now inspired to finally clear out my garage so that I can use it for those studio portraits, yet still have that draw to shoot on location and use what nature has to provide.

  6. I loved watching Paul & Nicki’s studio tour. It reminded me so much of my 2nd studio space where I left the door open to enjoy the light. Thank you.

    1. Yeah! Loving the tours. Thank you to everyone in front and behind the scene for making these possible. Good work,