Ashleigh Taylor — Santa Barbara, California

“And though she be but little, she is fierce.”

I am so happy to share one of the most inspirational Studio Tours we’ve filmed: Ashleigh Taylor’s studio in Santa Barbara, California.

We don’t show it in the video, but I couldn’t stop crying when we toured Ashleigh’s studio. Everything she’s built reminds me so strongly of what it felt like for me to open my first studio in New Zealand over two decades ago.

This is the smallest space I have visited yet, but she is working my business model to perfection.

Ashleigh’s energy fills every room she’s in. Over the last four years I’ve watched this amazing young woman get married, have her first child, and build a small boutique portrait business in Santa Barbara.

Her portraits, her studio, her great accomplishments, and her big dreams. All coming together because of her powerful hard work.


  1. Yes, her laugh and bubbly personality are infectious! I would love to work with her and I can see why clients love her! Thank you for showcasing her. She’s an inspiration and I’m looking forward to hearing more from her!

  2. Awesome tour, infectious energy and so inspirational, Thank you for sharing Ash…do you mind me asking what kind of air mattress do you have? I love how it sits up off the floor allowing for a bedskirt 😍

  3. You gals are so lucky to have Sue visit!! (Insert shocked face!)
    Just FYI, I would love to share a visit with you Sue, at my studio in Shreveport, LA. as I am sure we all would! This is the 3rd time I’ve started my business over, and my 29th move in my lifetime (I’m prior military) and I am just so proud of how far I’ve been able to go with your business & life teachings!
    We all are just in awe of what you have done for the photography community, as well as all the lives we are able to touch with all the knowledge you generously share with us!

  4. Enjoyed this so much! I am just starting and feel like taking small steps to create the life I want to live and building my dreams. I love photographing portraits and I am lit on fire right now to work with the tools that Sue has laid out for us.. Ashliegh would make anyone feel comfortable and bring out the best in them and it shows in her photography! So happy for her… she made it happen and she’s making it happen! Yay!!!

  5. Ashley, you gorgeous human being. So inspiring to see what you have created in a small but perfectly formed space. Thank you so much for inviting us in xo

  6. Oh that was amazing to watch. Thank you so much. I’m about to move house and I will have a space the same size to work in- I’m SO excited to get started on this journey! ❤️

  7. Every minute I am working on it, I am doing it. Ashleigh, thank you so much for the reminder. I sometimes lose track of that.
    Congrats on your perfect space!

  8. Ashleigh…I love your flower wall. What mix of flowers did you use to create this?

    I just opened a studio with a friend and we’re sharing the space. It’s 240 square feet so smaller than yours but you’ve given me some great ideas to work with a small, more cozy space!

  9. Absolutely LOVED this studio tour! Beautiful work. I love that you featured a small studio, it makes me feel more like I can succeed in my little space I’m making.

  10. I’m in love with the tours- so useful to see a small space as well. I saw because of the small space, there wasn’t a kitchen and toilet, how do you get around that and how do your clients feel about it? I’m sure they’re not bothered by it. Cheers!

    1. hi! i am in an office building with lawyers and accountants and therapists in the other suites. there are bathrooms on the floor that all the suites can use. sadly there is not a communal kitchen. i have a mini fridge in my space. i only offer water. i tell them to bring their own snacks.

  11. I love what Sue said at the end of this. I have a space the same size in my home so I can balance work life over the years. I will be honest, I’m looking forward to and planning on more work time this year though! Ashleigh I love your energy too!

    1. no i found it through craigslist!! someone was locked into their lease but wanting out and was looking to find someone to replace him. it was very serendipitous