Sue Bryce — El Segundo, California

May 15, 2018

The first thing anyone who enters Sue Bryce’s El Segundo LA studio will see is a reminder of why they are there, a reminder of the value of a portrait, which is far greater than any amount of money can define. Sue’s new studio is built on the foundation of knowledge and love she has […]

Kitti McMeel — Westlake Village, CA

October 17, 2017

Today I am visiting the calm lakeside studio of Kitti McMeel. Starting her 3rd year in portrait photography, life has thrown some major challenges at Kitti. Through hard work and determination, she took those challenges head on, adapted, and made her story a success story. Kitti took my business model and ran with it. She didn’t just have […]

Andrew Knowles — Dallas, Texas

September 5, 2017

What Andrew Knowles has accomplished since I met him two years ago is mind blowing to me. At the time he was only shooting outdoors on location. Since then he has secured a studio location in Dallas, Texas. He has taken a space in an ugly commercially zoned neighborhood and contrasted it with a designed studio space so beautiful it […]

Kelly Brown — Brisbane, Queensland

August 1, 2017

Six years ago this beautiful six foot woman walks up to me and asks me to mentor her. Since then we have become the closest of friends. In that time I have watched her build a studio and business from a small room, to a double garage, to now a building that she owns! What […]

Paul Gero — Orange County, California

July 4, 2017

Paul first came to my attention 2 years ago. I thought it was amazing that this established photographer with a 34 year career had adopted my business model. Paul and his wife Nicki run their business out of their home. They have full studio and reveal wall setup in their garage. Their garage business demonstrates […]

Ashleigh Taylor — Santa Barbara, California

April 18, 2017

“And though she be but little, she is fierce.” —Shakespeare I am so happy to share one of the most inspirational Studio Tours we’ve filmed: Ashleigh Taylor’s studio in Santa Barbara, California. We don’t show it in the video, but I couldn’t stop crying when we toured Ashleigh’s studio. Everything she’s built reminds me so […]

Wendy De Craemer — Lichtervelde, Belgium

April 10, 2017

Come with us to Lichtervelde, Belgium as we follow Sue Bryce Education member from Paris Alice Prenat for a tour of SBE member photographer Wendy De Craemer’s ZOOM Foto-Atelier studio. Wendy has been following me since my very first live broadcast on 3rd of March 2012 her world exploded from her tiny attic space using strobes […]

Kristina Houser — Tampa, Florida

March 21, 2017

Coming in 2017, introducing Sue Bryce Studio Tours. This is my vision of a beautiful season of online TV series, sharing an honest intimate look into real, working, contemporary portrait studios and the photographers who are making their dream reality. Here are the first 3 minutes of our pilot episode, which is already finished. I […]