70 Testimonials

“Sue Bryce Education caught my eye in Facebook and I decided to learn more about it even though my genre was not Glamour. I even asked if the education would be beneficial for me because I photographed other genres. The responses I received from other participants were an astounding "YES," so I decided to join to learn more about the business side of photography, which I was looking for to begin with. I wasn't expecting a lot just some knowledge to get me going in the right direction. I got it...and so much more! Being a people development and training manager for many years in the corporate world I have developed and participated in many educational programs. I found SBE to be one of the best because it encompasses many programs into one making it a well-rounded educational experience. It includes live, recorded, onsite and online workshops; mentoring; community support groups through Facebook; downloadable materials; and most importantly the human touch that supports all with inspiring words that are truth because Sue Bryce has lived it. It is authentic, Sue Bryce is authentic. It was the single best thing I did for my portrait photography and yes, while still in its infancy, I have now included glamour as one of my genres.”

— Gina Dinverno Photography LLC

Macomb, Michigan, USA

“To have a teacher, a mentor, a guide that breaks open your heart and shares with you all of her love, her business, and leadership how could you lose? The education she delivers on SBE is unparalleled. Whether you need direction on logistics, or inspiration on a new style of shooting, to level up in your lighting or posing, it's all here with new content week after week. I've studied Sue's model from 28 Days, and into a personal workshop where I studied under her directly in Paris and will continue to learn from her as a mentor as my business grows. Whether you're at a $50 sales average or a $4000 average, there is always something to learn, to take away both to grow your own self and your business. I could thank Sue every day and it would never be enough. Her guidance has changed my life. Thank you, Sue.”

— Cat Ford-Coates

Asheville, North Carolina US

“Being relatively new to portrait photography, I was always comparing myself to others, saying to myself "you're not good enough," "you'll never be as good as, so and so." I discovered this site a little under a year ago, and let me just say that Sue Bryce has given me such a beautiful gift. It's much better than technical skills, financial awareness, or how to pose someone(which are all included as well). It is a belief in myself that I have never known. I have stopped comparing myself to others, changed my business name, and opened a new studio on November 1, 2016! I am accepting payments without feeling awkward or pushing the money away. $35 a month is nothing compared to the confidence and joy I now feel when talking to people about my work, my business and what I can offer them. I am no longer afraid to "put myself" out there! Do it, don't wait! You will never regret joining!”

— Artistic Images Portraits by LoriAnne

Michigan, United States

“Sue Bryce inspires everyone and encourage you to go and get what you do really want. She is not only giving us awesome photography-content: she gives us wise advisement generating changes in many other aspects of our lifes. I'm sure every one would be glad to be part of her SBE site and community!”

— Raquel Pascual-Peña @ LA GALLARDA FOTOGRAFÍA


“If you want to get to know yourself, start a business. If you want to change your life and make a living doing what you love, start your membership with Sue Bryce. Today. It just works.”

— Stine Munk Jensen Photography

Sydney, Australia

“I started my part time photography career in 2009 charging $50.00 for 50 images on a disc, increasing to $299 mid 2015. I was aware that my work and time was more valuable than even that, but more, I felt a disservice to my clients not offering a full service. I knew my clients rarely printed their images, when they did they looked horrible, and sometimes they even lost the digitals. It broke my heart, but I couldn’t even take that leap to print, myself. End of 2015, a room in our home with beautiful window light became available and I got intentional with offering the best service and product but I was still frustratingly directionless. I worked with the natural light for boudoir sessions and had crafted a few images that “looked a lot like that Sue Bryce photographer” that I’d been following with interest for a few years! One day I happened on her FaceBook Education group page where I was encouraged and invited to join Sue's Education Site. I did, and found unending resources available to really launch my business the right way from the start, and so I got to it, step by step, as outlined on her website and the support she offers. Because of Sue’s generosity in sharing all she knows in photography, business, and a better personal life, I am able to go full time into my photography business and leave my corporate position this week, as well as be authentic, passionate, and true to my values. A dream I could not have fathomed a year ago. I call Sue’s Education Site, Photography Business in a Box. It’s all there! Sue, her resources, her Education Site, can change lives. I took it, and I’m one of them!”

— Jean Laninga Portraits

Phoenix, AZ

“I can say, hand on heart, that not only has my business gone through growth and evolution since I discovered Sue Bryce education, but more importantly I have. What Sue offers is not only the knowledge to take better photographs and become a better business owner, but she also pushes you to look inside yourself and challenge yourself and not only ask questions of yourself but seek the answers too (no matter how hard that might be). I was so lucky to meet Sue last January in London and then later in the year I was incredibly honoured to have been part of the first Italy workshop and have memories and images that will last a lifetime. The guidance and support Sue offers as a mentor is invaluable to any photographer, artist or business owner and I feel life is just a little easier with Sue guiding the way.”

— Louise Rayner

Leeds, England

“I have a full time job and was eating lunch listening to Platon speak at the 2018 Portrait Masters Conference on the new app. A client is making copies and she is listening also. She tells me "you are feeding your soul". That left me stunned and It almost brought me to tears. I was literally holding back my tears. I am thankful and grateful for all the education you are providing. Only if Platon and you Sue knew how much that comment affected me. Thank you.”

— Janice Mueller

San Antonio, Texas

“Who is this "Sue Bryce" I keep hearing about? That was in my mind during the spring of 2015. You were completely off my radar and then WHAM! I was watching a presentation you did at Click Away on my computer in my pj's one day when I was home sick from my teaching job. "What do you Want?" is what you kept asking the audience. And I began thinking...and haven't stopped since. From that day forward, I have soaked in as much knowledge and learning that my brain can hold. I practice. I learn, I practice some more. Sue has been my North Star all along. Because of her enthusiasm, no nonsense approach, and drive to make you believe that you can achieve your dreams, I am finally in a place where I can say, "Yes! I CAN do this. Yes! I will be in business for myself and will leave my teaching job one day. She gets in your head and STAYS there like a Mother Coach, best girlfriend, and butt kicker all at once. Not only have I started a business, but I have also faced my blocks, learned to value myself and love myself more. Sue Bryce Education is way more than learning photography. I've discovered more about myself emotionally, what I need to do to grow as a professional, and how I can make a difference in the lives I touch through my work. I am following my dream, Sue. Thank you for the beautiful gift of your passion, creativity, and love for your students.”

— Kelley Norcia Photography

Clinton, CT

“Where has this woman been all my life! I don't know how I managed to miss her in the last 10 years I've been a photographer and a student of the art. I cannot begin to tell you how valuable these education tools has been for me thus far--it is the best in the business (in the world, really) not only from a business and education perspective, but Sue gives gives you life skills! Seriously, if Sue lived next door, I would be over at her house all the time. :) Do not hesitate to invest here--you are most definitely investing in yourself.”

— F-Stop Studios, Eleanor Lasta

Eldersburg, MD

“My experience, Sue, is that you’ve accessed your own internal source of strength, and ignited your internal guidance system and intuitive power. By setting yourself free and developing self-mastery and trusting yourself, you gave me permission to do the same thing and be extraordinary. I came to love the process of growth and have given up the fantasy of having ‘arrived’.”

— Steph Ormin

Lake Forest CA

“And. It. Just. Keeps. Getting. Better. Powerful content beautifully presented and meticulously organized. The Sue Bryce EXPERIENCE of education -- love it.”

— Katherine Marie Photography

Colorado Springs, CO

“I live on a farm in a very small town 5 hours from a city. Sue Bryce Education is gold for me..it gives me access..it gives me skills ..it gives me joy.. I am getting results and images I can be proud of.. Thank you Sue Bryce I am on my way Xx”

— Lorraine Maskell

Mundubbera Australia

“Without Sue Bryce I doubt I'd have had the confidence I have today as a new photographer. I am forever grateful for the wealth of knowledge I recieve from subscribing to your site and being a part of your group ! Thank you for all that you have done !”

— Irene Bibee Portraits

Louisville, KY

“I love watching Sue Bryce evolve her stylings and refine her knack for teaching photographers of all skill levels! Sue Bryce You are an answer to Photographers everywhere!! Don't delay -- Just Do it- Join us ! Become part of the professional growth our industry needs! So much information and I can make it my own! TY SUE! /c”

— Christy Bell @ CBellphotos,LLC

Loudoun County -Virginia USA

“After 4 shoots in one week and lots of direction in posing I decided to let my last client just flow and dance towards the end of the shoot. She was lost and felt awkward. I asked if she preferred that I continue to direct her posing and she lit up and said "yes"! It was that aha moment that I realized the impact Sue Bryce has had on my photography. I never directed a shoot like I do today because of all I've learned from Sue and I realized what comfort and confidence it gives my clients to have me there guiding them every step of the way. Thank you Sue for all the education I've received from you!!! I'm always improving but it gets easier with every shoot. Best compliment I received yesterday was that I make posing look so natural and easy....(I'm always jumping in there to give them a visual)”

— Photography by Lisa Garcia

Bridgeport CT

“From personal development, marketing , business, sales to photography techniques, posing, styling and retouching.. everything is covered by Sue. It changed my life literally. I would have happily joined evan if I would have not been into the photography world. Half of the content of the site works for everyone, any individual, any business type. IS HUGE!”

— Roxana Barbu Portraits

Antwerp, Belgium

“I am a big fan of Creative Live and purchased a course that Sue had done on there and nearly purchased a second course, but came across this site and I am so thank full I did, I have almost finished a months subscription and feel I have saved hundreds of dollars already! What made me want to continue watching Sue, was the fact that her posing is real, I always had a problem with posing videos/training and she made sense, real sense , her posing methods are convincing and real, not artificial and fake, you get the soul of the person with her posing techniques, not some shop maniquine, I am only just starting to learn this art and so glad Sue is going to be the one directing me through, it gives me great confidence that I will succeed in this area now, seriously I have watched some of the best in the industry and can not recommend Sue strongly enough. Sue is catering for all walks of life and remembers where she came from; a real down to earth teacher, I love the fact that she is helping photographers reach their dreams and saving them a fortune, she doesnt have to, but chooses to, because she genuinely cares about us and our success. I love how there is so much variety to choose from to watch and learn, I am a person who needs variety, its like picking up a glossy expensive magazine, so much to look through with amazing images and content. I have nothing to gain by leaving this review but like Sue I am down to earth and give credit where credit is due, I can not strongly recommend people join this educational site.”

— Aperturah Impressions

Perth, Western Australia

“I have watched Sues Facebook-Group for a year and then decided to buy a membership. It was the best decision i have ever made. i found my joy in portraiture photography again. And i am a photgrapher for over 25 years now. But nothing touched me like Sue did.”

— Christiane Ehlert-Pohl

Rostock, Germany

“Sue has completely changed my business over the past three years. Discovered her on CreativeLive and have followed her ever since! I started my career knowing I wanted to photograph women and empower them to have confidence in front of the camera, but never knew how to start. Sue has graciously given and shared her knowledge with all of us and has helped me stay true to myself as a photographer, AND get paid for it! Thank you Sue!”

— Heather Toshiko Photography

Kauai, Hawaii

“ I am so new to your work but I feel so lucky to have come across you. You remind me of an r.m.drake quote "maybe all that we are is what people expect us to be. or maybe we are more and expect much less than we think we deserve" Here is to letting go.”

— Bridget Wood

Mount Gravatt Q Australia

“You always seem to give me exactly what I need. I need to blow away my blocks and hit the road running. I know I can do it, but that doesn’t make it any easier. This is exactly what I was looking for when I logged onto your site. I’m off to rate myself and make my Goal list.. and create my pdf.. and .. and .. I really couldn’t do this with out you. ”

— Victoria Vincent

New Zealand

“What you have created is incredible. It's is a beautiful field of possibilities and I am so thankful for all you have done to help make us better photographers and stronger business people.”

— Shauna Lofy

Bakersfield, CA

“It's second to none!!!! You can not find a better bargain in the educational industry than being a member on Sue's Site. Trust me I have tried a few things already. This is hands-on and pragmatic. This is NOT only for beginners but for everyone. You get constant education and inspiration being a member. The pool of knowledge seems endless. The best thing about it is that you have colleagues who are willing to help and love to see you grow and becoming successful...in a lonely business like ours that comes highly treasured to me.”


MUNICH, Germany

“Sue, I can't help but get dramatic when I talk about you. You have changed my life for the better and I am eternally grateful. Throughout my adulthood, I've always heard, "Do what you're passionate about," and I never truly understood what that meant until I became one of your students. At the age of 50, I wanted to shout to the world that I did it. I finally found my passion. However, it's one thing finding what your passionate about, and it's a whole other thing to actually believe in yourself, and you showed me the path. I never would have imagined that I could actually run a successful business,. That I would actually feel worthy of charging industry standard pricing. I never would have gotten to that point if I didn't do the work that you laid out for all of us. My heart absolutely bursts with pride that I'm actually contributing financially to my family's well-being. I finally know that I can rely on myself, and I will never have to worry about making an income, because I know how to do it now. I don't think a day goes by that I don't tell the story of my amazing mentor, with a heart the size of a planet, to someone I'm talking to. I will keep singing your praises to everyone, everywhere.”

— Sugardrops Photography

Surrey, BC & Seattle, WA

“ I love Sue's new website! It's kind of like an endless dessert buffet that you can keep going back to. Whenever I find myself stuck on something, be it something about how to design a shoot or how to deal with my blocks, I go an find a little inspiration here. I really appreciate how the segments are broken up into smaller chapters, since I will often start one chapter, then go do something like pick up my kid, and then hop onto the next chapter when I have time. I'm still trying to push myself onto the next level, and ya know what? It's hard! That's why I love having this library of instruction and support at the ready. Thank you, Sue, and all of the mentors for being a part of this wonderful resource.”

— Janet Barnett

Woodland Hills, CA

“The Sue Bryce site is like a friend who's always home. If I have a question or a comment it is responded to with care, thought and expediency. Thank you Sue for helping me to recognize my better self.”

— Andrea Fine Photographer

Arroyo Grande, CA

“Sue Bryce's Education site is absolutely worthwhile! Take all of the money you pay for your professional marketer, photography classes, business improvement books, self-help books, and even therapist and roll them all into this $35 per month membership. You will up your game as a photographer and see the money come back to you and you will also be enriched as a human being. Do it. Now. Go!”

— Pearl Images

Conway, AR

“I can trace my evolution as a photographer from the day I met Sue. She gives you practical, real-world information on how to run a portrait business. I took Sue’s workshop in November 2015. Within a year, I made my biggest sale and opened a studio. This would not have been possible without her guidance and knowledge and generosity. The world is a treasure map and she is standing on the gold X beckoning you to join her. I am still amazed by how much I have accomplished and what is possible. Her greatest gift is that she opens your eyes to what the future can hold and assures you it is possible. I am beyond grateful to her. Her education site for portrait photographers is the best out there; I haven’t come across anything that even comes close. It has absolutely everything you could want: posing, lighting, styling, camera and lens info, sales, marketing, networking, templates…EVERYTHING. I honestly can’t say enough about her generosity and commitment to education. If you want to be a portrait photographer, or become a better one, the best thing you could do is sign up right now.”

— Rebecca Little


“You are one of the most powerful women I have ever seen. I love who you are Sue Bryce!”

— Marta Houlding

Vancouver, Canada

“ Sue Bryce has been far more than an inspiration. In a way, she has been a very true friend. I have only "spoken" to her via typing a few times, and in limited areas. So it's odd to think of her as a friend but let me tell you why I do. She is the friend who bluntly calls you out on your crap and then simultaneously lifts you up and empowers you to truly see yourself, to see your strengths and embrace them. To really pursue what you love, despite how much it may seem imposible. But it isn't that "oh just reach for the stars!" type of empowering. It's the raw and real type. "you need a plan, what step are you taking today, where are you skipping out on, what makes you special, are you complaining or growing". The hard, but deeply meaning full moments that you can only get from a great friend. I have watched so much of her education and not just once. OVer and over and over. Why? Not just because I learn my craft or business from her. But because she touches ME and lifts me up as a person. Not just as an artist. She has helped me break down so many blocks in my personal life. I look in the mirror and hate myself so much less now because of her and the words that she has brought to my life. As an educator for our craft she is beyond comparison. She charges for her education yes of course. But what she gives for that is EVERYTHING. There are no "oh that's my secret you can't have it" areas. She teaches like she uplifts: wholeheartedly. She genuinely WANTS us to be at her level, to grow, to become insanely successful. To create unique and wonderful art. To give our clients our very best. And she gives details that most private mentors keep hidden. My work grows every time I apply something I've learned from her and i Know it will continue to do so. I can genuinely say I am where I am today because of two people: her and Ana Brandt. My work has grown LEAPS and bounds because of her generous and in depth teaching. I am a loyal "brycer" and will be for the rest of my life because she gives me a piece of myself I have always envisioned but never had. She helps me grown my work in ways that I never thought I could. The corolation between self value and quality of work and business value is not addressed by anyone else I have ever found. Sue is literally a combination of artistic guru, down to earth second mama/sister, psychologist, motivational speaker, and friend. ”

— Alexandra Andrews Photography

Albuquerque, New Mexico

“A few years ago I somehow found again a love for photography that I had put aside at a very young age. I somehow found myself daringly attending a ClickAway conference in Utah and hearing Sue speak to me - I swear she spoke directly to me (even though the room was full of women sitting on the edge of their seats, too). Sue told me - with every confidence - that I could do it. That I could be come a powerful, artistic, profitable photographer. I believed her the moment she said it and I left there feeling inspired and confident. And she was right. Here's the really important part - Sue told me I could do it - and then (how I don't know) - she continued to make herself available to me - everywhere I looked, every time I needed a boost, a hand, a lecture, a lesson - I could find her. And NOW, she has done it again - this website, these words, these lessons and inspiring images and stories, the mentors, the workshops, the Paris light...the love. Sue Bryce...I adore you for what you have given me, for what you have helped me discover. It's about more than photography for me, but it's because of the photography that my heart shines so brightly these days. Thank you is not enough. Love.”

— Studio D Photography – Debbie Jean

Jacksonville Beach, FL

“I am a new member, a new photographer and absolutely appreciate the work you have put into this! I am so excited to get lost in the table of contents and looking forward to watching my business grow correctly from the start.”

— April Sova

Maineville OH

“The site for me is the perfect way for me to be educated. I read/watch and then put it into action. Sue is super active on the site and I feel like I am getting amazing information from her and the other mentors. IT ROCKS!”

— Trina Baker Photography

Lawrence, KS

“Out of all the classes you could take online or in person, the books you could read, the coaches you could hire or the things you could buy to launch you into a creative and personally/financially fulfilling life using photography as your foundation, THIS is it. It is literally all you need. I was seduced by so many different offerings of expensive classes and signed up for quite a few. Tried to follow about 4 different schools of thought on posing, marketing, money, self improvement and running a business. They all just became a sea of white noise. Then I found Sue Bryce. First, I bought a class from Creative Live, then subscribed to this site. At first, I thought I'd try it, watch all the videos in one month then unsubscribe. I mean, what could one month of information for $35 hurt? What it has become is my Life Class. Sue explains something new in a new way every single class. I re-watch them. I am inspired. I am enlightened. I am addicted. I have a small business that I jumped into last year at this time with fairly blind eyes... just knew I had a gift and love to photograph people. Well, now that I have been subscribing to SBE, I'll be taking it to a whole new level. If you ask me, it's like getting a treasure chest full of gold and jewels for the cost of a single dinner out each month. Do it. Your life will change. Your photography will change. You will change for the better.”



“Sue, thank you so much for you! Thank you for your big heart and desire to touch the lives of others! You really inspired me over the last three or four years -- in more ways than photography. I put in a lot of hard work, but it was you who triggered the inspiration. Seeing you speak, change, grow and succeed gave me a map! And your map keeps growing and changing through your own work. ”

— Jennifer James-Long Photography

Eugene OR

“I began following Sue two years ago on Creative Live. I have always known what I wanted to do as a portrait photographer; however, I had a block of being afraid to step out of the family portraiture genre in my area. I was afraid I would not make a profit and niche would take my sales down drastically. Not that I was charging what I was worth at the time, because I did not feel worthy. I got 28 days and began to feel like I was ready to do the work I wanted to do. I made a small step to shooting fashion families, but still was not entirely happy. It wasn't until I took the money course with Sue and Tiffany everything began to "click." I was not making what I wanted, because I wasn't shooting what I loved. Therefore, I did not value myself or my work. Once I began doing that the ball started rolling. I still follow her, She keeps me focused. I went form charging $150 a session/products (giving away the farm) to an average sale of $1,725 (sitting fee + ala'carte) I shoot out of my home and things are getting better. I have some recovery to do based on a mess I made before I valued myself, but I am on the right track. I met her last year at WPPI and though there was so much I wanted to say, it was really bad timing. I am forever grateful for her and her cander. She kept me from going bankrupt and giving up what I love.”

— Kristie Montrois- Kristie Montrois Photography

Cottonwood Heights, Utah

“What can I say about this woman.....she's beautiful inside and out, she's decisive, driven, extremely talented, inspirational and much much more. Her generosity holds no bounds and OMG this Educational site keeps getting better and better. Thank you, thank you, thank you Sue. Not only have you given me the courage to get out there and start a business (yes I'm on that cusp) but you have also kept me sane during a very difficult time in my life.”

— Jane Packard

Dublin, Ireland

“Living by choice since 13 years on a very small (meanwhile) 16.500 something inhabitants Caribbean Island I was since years desperately searching for education to improve my photography, which has been for years "just" a passion. In 2012 I started working for myself as an architect and (wishing to be) professional photographer. A small island is in a way like a small village, except there is nowhere else to go easily., and anything you need is a hell to get. Knowledge isn't shared because of fear of concurrence. My gratitude was endless when I by chance stumbled over creativelive, and the very first time I saw and heard Sue, every cell in my body resonated with her and her teachings; she was exactly doing what I dreamed of many years ago; show women how beautiful they are. My instant purchase of 28 days and the study group was my beginning some 2-3 years ago....however I was and kept being somehow stuck; I couldn't overcome myself. The moment I subscribed to her educational website here with the beginning of 2016, I started breaking through and started to "just do it" and started to change. The value talk in specific has become my mantra. The videos are broken down in for me manageable learning steps, one by one. The content is still overwhelming and the speed in which Sue keeps producing and intensity of her teachings are simply beyond imaginable. I am filled with deepest gratitude of having the possibility and honor to learn from Sue. Calling her "my mentor" is filling my heart with love and joy and even greater gratitude. She is pure light and love, with a genuine open heart sharing everything she knows and everything she is. This sincere, genuine and true spirit is physically feelable and reflects in every single word Sue says, every single thing she does. A life without her is unimaginable. Sue is a life savior, a life changer, a bright star. X”

— Felicia Schutte, CREATIVENVISION

Island of Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands

“I have written this several times and don't really know what to describe, as how I feel about Sue Bryce can be seen from several views. As a mentor: she gives absolutely everything, and expect the same from you. Nothing makes this woman happier than seeing you succeed as a successful business owner/photographer. But don't expect cuddles and hugs!! she wants you to hack it, ,hence she gives you all the tools!. all of them!!! As photographer: Her creativity is one of her core values, and every time she is inspired, she will make sure that she shares with you, and trust me, it feels personal. She is for every challenging herself to become much better As a a person: I have never come across someone as vulnerable, strong and centre as Sue Bryce. Is she perfect?! no at all, this is like every single person, forever searching one's path, but one thing is very clear. Her love and passion for photography Through all the years of watching Sue Bryce live, I have great respect for this woman and her journey and I feel privilege of calling her my mentor”

— Rodney Pedroza Photography

London - UK

“I've been a member since Sue launched it and I can tell you it's fantastic. It actually amazing how much Sue is willing to share, it's testament to her genuine desire to help teach and support other photographers.”

— Lisa Holmes

Haworth, West Yorkshire

“Hi, my name is Jonathan Williams and I'm a firefighter/paramedic in a rural suburb in Oklahoma and I'm also a portrait photographer. When I start making more money from photography I plan on switching those. I got my start in photography from my father; he has always been a hobbyist photographer and when I was in high school he taught me how to develop my own black and whites. I took my first photography class in 2011. I knew from the beginning that I did not want to shoot weddings and struggled for years on what I really wanted to focus on. And as a male I felt like taking photos of women that weren't models would be awkward. Then I came across one of your videos on youtube and my world changed. I couldn't get enough info and when I had exhausted all of the youtube videos I told my wife that I had to subscribe to suebryceeducation and we had to start a business. So we put Sue Bryce in the budget, that's right Sue, you are a line item lol. That was November of last year. I already had a strong background in basic camera settings and some lighting. So, I searched and searched for V flats and polyboards. Then I searched and searched for a makeup artist. Last month(January 2017) we found a make-up artist and hit the ground running. As of today, I have done six portfolio building shoots and am excited to keep building. I love every aspect of this business and my wife is super excited about being able to write off office supplies on our taxes (she's a notebook and pen fanatic lol). But I think what we are most excited about is passing along the ability to see self value. My wife struggles with this and through watching the videos together we have been able to battle some of the issues that she has had with her own self worth. The goal of our business isn't just to make money or gorgeous photos but also to help women see themselves as beautiful and to help them find their intrinsic value. So I just wanted to tell Sue and her staff and the mentors (specifically Emily London Miller), THANK YOU. You have literally changed our world. You have given us the direction and support to really make this happen.”

— Williams Fine Portraits

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA

“My Sue journey started around June of last year, mid-morning when I was sitting at my 9-5 job. "Portrait Start-Up" was playing on Creative Live and it felt like Sue was talking right to me the whole time; she addressed my fears, she empowered me and helped me feel like my dreams of owning my own business were possible. So I got off my butt, I started folio building, I found a studio and I felt a renewed sense of purpose: I could DO this. For every stumble in the road where I don't feel prepared or worthy, I come back to Sue and find that video, or that post and remember who I am: I am a portrait photographer. Over the past year I've started and grown my own photography studio, built a beautiful folio that I'm so proud of and while I know it was me who did the work, I never would have started the journey without Sue. I am eternally grateful for all of the wisdom she continually gives us, I am a better photographer and person because of her.”

— Sara Ranlett

Seattle, WA

“When I first heard of Sue Bryce, I dismissed her as just another educator with products to sell and a gimmick. And then I started following her work. I took a workshop 9 months ago and met her in person. Her work has redefined an entire genre. Her heart to teach and make a difference in the lives of thousands of photographers and their subjects has impacted a new generation of photographers. Her teachings of every aspect of running a photography business is spot on. She has empowered many people both behind and in front of the lens. And she is responsible for a return to respect in the world of photography as well. Thank you Sue. I am proud to call you my mentor”

— Kathy Rappaport

Woodland Hills

“I remember me three years ago and quitting my designer job, I remember watching the creativelive videos every day, not knowing where this was going to lead me. I remember practicing on anyone I could find each time I could. I remember wanting to be a photographer for so long, but not knowing how I could make a living out of it. I remember being lost, and lonely in this career choice. Sue Bryce put words on everything we feel as photographers, and more importantly as human beings. And now, after all this time, working so hard on mastering photography, light, posing, business, marketing, and of course self value, I feel that I found a way, a goal, a reason to wake up every morning and pursue what I want from life : Sue gives you the strength to believe in yourself, the strength to chase your dreams, she unleashes you inner power, something that were there since you were born, but you never knew it yourself, probably because you never allowed it to exist before. Sue’s education gave me the strength to be the photographer and the person I always wanted to be, that I never even dared to dream before.”

— Pauline Goyard


“I used to work in a dull office in a bank. I knew I wanted to do something else and discovered photography, in 2011. I started with a maternity shoot and then went into weddings and events, My heart was with portraits but found myself paralyzed whenever I had to get closer to anyone and tell them what to do in order for me to take a portrait. I started watching Sue since her first live workshop on creativelive but did not found the power to transition into portraits because weddings brought money in, but i continued to watch her live workshops (and cried and laughed every time and every time I felt I have the power to do anything I want) and to follow her page and her work and I was more and more in love with this craft, I knew it was something I had to do and wanted to do, like a true calling in life. In 2015 an event into my family, a life changing and horrible event called cancer got to my mom, 3 months I was between home and hospitals, and after that about 6 months into a depressive state. I had no will of doing anything, I was just editing weddings because I had clients and they were waiting for their images. Sue, portraiture and this education site saved me and my business from sinking. I started working on my craft, doing shots with anybody willing to and slowly transitioning from my wedding business to my portrait business. This year, 2017, I found the courage to do the big change and, now, my main site is only for portraits and I transitioned into full IPS and selling prints. I learned so many things (business, marketing, posing, lighting) from Sue and this education site and I am forever grateful for discovering her. Thank you!”

— Alina Botica


“I am a professional plasterer and I had enough of plastering. I wanted to open a studio and did. I would have failed miserably had I not found Sue's 28 days tutorial. I consider Sue Bryce my mentor. She probably never heard of me and in the year our studio has been open I had two clients. But we're going hard and Anna my wife and partner is learning all about marketing. Soon I'll not have to plaster at all. One day I'll be one of the best in the business. I have no room for mediocrity. And my new life would not be possible had I not found Sue. Her insight became my insight, priceless information. Check us out. mikebeltramettiphotography”

— Mike Beltrametti


“If Anthony Robbins and Annie Leibovitz had a baby, it would be Sue Bryce. I have followed both Annie and Tony for years and when I found Sue' about 4 years ago I absolutely fell in love with her beautiful portrait work. I have seen most of her creative live classes and I invested and took her workshop class last November. That was the best thing I ever did in my photography career. Sue has a such a gift of giving. She motivates, get rid of blocks and kicks your bum in all the self value classes, gets your finances in order and teaching you everything there is and more about photography and running a business on her education site, When you think you know all of her magic, she pulls out a new rabbit out of her hat. Sue is a pioneer and a leader and will change this industry one photographer at the time. Sue's education site is like a giant smorgasbord, you eat and eat and when you are so full you can barely walk you can't help yourself to go back for more. Paying $35 a' month for all that she is teaching on her education site is nothing for what you receive. On a personal note : Sue Bryce saved me from my sinking ship and I have learned from her how to be a proud Kapten of my only crew... MYSELF and my WORK for that I am for ever grateful.”

— Ann Photography

San Diego USA

“What a difference Sue Bryce has made in my life. I'm so thankful for her teachings and the difference she's making in my business. I will be the next success story.”

— Ana Silva

Philadelphia PA

“I found Sue almost two years ago and am forever changed. Fortunately it was when I "officially" started my photography business so I devoured 28 Days and anything I could find on YouTube from Sue. I am forever changed because it immediately added value to me since I am also the "connector" in all my personal and professional relationships. I have always been veracious in all my entrepreneurial endeavors, but giving permission to START the right way instead of feeling like I needed to wait was a HUGE value to me. My husband couldn't be more supportive or proud of me for believing and valuing myself and business. Sue, I couldn't have been more tickled than to be part of your mentoring program. I am forever thankful and learn so much each time I log into Sue Bryce Education. Thank you. THANK YOU. THANK Y O U ! ! !”

— Bryanna Hunt Photography

North Pole, Alaska

“What if someone could tell you a formula of exactly how to succeed in your business, and all you had to do is follow it step by step? Sue Bryce Education teaches the formula to success, money, and relationships, but it's even more than that. Often, I wish that I could share these videos with my friends who aren't photographers. Yes, a majority of the videos teach beginner to expert level photography, but there's something to be said about the hours and hours of other inspirational videos. These have pushed me in so many aspects of my life, they've changed me as a person. The money videos go deep into the roots of your views and habits around money. The self value series shows how your relationship with yourself is the beginning of fixing all the other aspects of your life. There's a Sue video for everyone. If you look at Sue's Facebook group, so many of us are sharing our solid proof of the transformations in our businesses. It's easy to see a huge group of people who may (a little erratically) worship Sue, but in reality, we are real people with real results. We are slowly working to be able to make our passions into our careers, and it's actually working. So many backgrounds and personalities, and the one thing in common is this education. Thank you Sue for all you've taught us.”

— Safina Jamal

Indianapolis, IN

“I can't remember the exact moment that Sue's work first caught my eye, but all that I can say is that she has and is changing my world. My photography world as well as my personal life. The way that I value myself and my work. Being creative both photographically, but also in a business sense. Her education site is by far, the best deal around. I've invested in seminars and workshops and I have to say that her site has more bang for the buck than anything else that I've done. It is easy to navigate, I look forward to her live Tuesday webinars and I just can't get enough of her. Thank you to Sue Bryce and her fabulous staff for all of the support and creativity.”

— Lisa Segal

Duxbury, Massachusetts

“I found Sue Bryce December last year and rebranded my business of four month in January. With Sues helpful education I can say that with almost 40 years I found my final calling in life. Never would I have thought that I can reach what I achieved the last nine month- it's almost like becoming a baby...and Sue is the biological mother, haha. I am proud to call Sue my mentor whenever I am asked how I learned all of this in such a short time and how I did build my business. Her knowledge is endless and her education program hands you out everything you need to build a sustainable business- no matter what stage in life you are and no matter what experience as photographer you have. If you want it enough and follow through with every step, you can make it. Thank you for everything, Sue. I owe you.”

— Ines Schaefer Portraiture

Tuscaloosa, AL- German native

“Photography found AND saved me. Like many, I tried all genre of photography because I thought that's how you made money. It narrowed down to weddings and portraits, weddings being the money earner. I soon loathed weddings as I realized my passion was for portraits. Something was still missing. I looked at the work of many great portrait photographers and began to get a sense of how I wanted to shoot. One day I went on YouTube to search for a popular/celebrity photographer from my country Nigeria and it led me to a class she was attending by some woman named Sue Bryce. The student finally found her teacher! I now knew EXACTLY how and who I wanted to photograph. I just joined the education forum 3 months ago. What endears Sue to me is her giving spirit - I love giving people! She teaches with love and abandon. I hope to make her proud with my success someday soon!”

— Swat Kasham Photoimagery

Corpus Christi, Texas

“I have unsubscribed from every photography site 'cause I have everything here! Absolutely anything and everything! Not to mention what an awesome community we have here to help each other out! I'm one of your "sleeper agents". I've had 28 days for a few years but instead of acting on it, I was just dreaming and hoping for the better. My personal life has been and still is a total mess. We tend to move around quite a lot because of hubby's job. I'm stuck at home with the kids with no help whatsoever. Struggling from pay check to pay check, knee deep in debt. Bless hubby, he's trying so hard but it's just not working. He won't be able to support us whether he likes it or not. Whether I like it or not. The WPPI keynote/arse kicking finally did it for me. "What is your children's lives worth?" I cried… again... So I'm getting out of my own way. I'm doing my website, I'm designing my business cards, I did my voucher, I'm putting together my pdf and I'm hitting the road and connecting with at least 2-3 people a day :) Put my big girl panties on too and looking into setting up a business account and act like a professional photographer not just pretending like one. Did some maths as well, I'm all into Cash Flow and forecasting. Starting to get the numbers game as well :) Done is better than perfect! Actually I'm excited about this move now 'cause I can start fresh. Onwards and upwards from now on! Yes, the change has to come from me! Thank you, Sue, for teaching me this invaluable lesson! Sorry, I've been a slow learner so far but I will make you proud!”

— Orsi Vilusz

United Kingdom

“I am a married mother of 2 boys. My oldest son developed a rare form of Epilepsy which causes him to have multiple seizures every. single. day. A normal 9-5 job is impossible for me to hold because my son requires a lot of care. Photography is my release. Expressing myself through photographic stories is my way of venting my frustrations, my anger, my sadness, and my heartaches. And photography allows me to be a productive member of society while still caring for my son. The Education Ive received and continue to receive from Sue, pushes me to challenge myself and motivates me to step out of my comfort zones. She makes me want to be a better person, a better photographer and a better creator. She speaks on a level that makes you feel empowered and Confident. I cant get enough for her education, and she is my self appointed Mentor. Thank you Sue, for everything you do.”

— Davis Studios

Hesperia, CA. USA

“I am editing my photos to upgrade my FB page. It is a TOTAL MESS. Well as I edit, I have Sue on my other computer. Playing every PORTRAIT Video I can and as I listen to Sue and look at my own pictures.......what a education and learning experience. The photos are not bad for 'Pre Sue', however listening to her and seeing what I did, If I had just made a few tweaks here and there, some a few tweaks, some got deleted instantly!!! For me to be going thru my own work, while listening to the 'Master'......it helped with the 'overwhelm, how am I EVER going to be able to do this" factor to..'hmmmm can't wait till I get the next bum on my seat'..... There is still a long way to go......but this helped me to see that, yes I can get there....back to the edits and back to the video!”

— Laura Luongo

Ventura, CA

“I have been a member since day 1! I'll never forget when Sue told me encouraging words when I felt like giving up. She helps so many and continues to amaze me with everything she shares including her beautiful heart. To go from a $150 sales average to $1,800 still blows my mind. I go through many of her videos and printed pdfs before every shoot. The money wheel made me realize how messed up I was handeling money. Her self value videos are the ultimate self development eye openers. The most beautiful part of Sue's education is connecting with your clients. To have clients cry during their Reveal and tell me they will always treasure their portraits is the ultimate gift. My business...my life has shifted because of Sue. I will forever be grateful for all that she has taught me and continues to. ❤️”

— Laura Saavedra

Greenville, NC

“My life has changed forever thanks to you, Sue and I will always be grateful for the endless support and the most amazing educational platform you've created. Regardless of what stage of your photography journey you're at and whether you need to improve your posing, marketing, sales, lighting, or any other part of your photography - you will find everything "under one roof" and whenever you need it. I've been member of the site since its been launched and lucky enough to attend one of Sue's workshops in Versailles and i'm constantly learning new things. My sales have significantly increased after the Sales intensive workshop and it just keeps getting better! The community of all these amazing international photographer friends from all around the world that have been brought together through doing what we love is priceless and ever so supportive. With the help of Sue, we're all getting closer to making our dreams a reality.”

— Lenka Jones Portraits

Windsor, United Kingdom

“If by some chance you clicked on a beautiful portrait and it brought you to this page, you should count your blessings. You have discovered Sue Bryce, one of the most important photographers and educators working today. That’s how I came upon Sue, in March 2012. While looking for a pose to use on a shoot, I saw the most perfect portrait of twins. The image led me to creative Live where Sue was about to teach a class. That class, Glamour Photography, opened up my world. I learned from Sue that every woman is beautiful, sacred, and worthy of existing in photos. Myself included. Now, with Sue’s site, we get to spend time with this brilliant woman, LIVE each week. Although I’ve been taking photos since I was ten, took two years of college level courses in photography, and worked for several portrait companies, it wasn’t until I discovered Sue Bryce did I find the mentor who truly inspires me to be a better photographer and a better person. Sue, you are a gift, you have enriched my life, and I thank you.”

— Maryanne Teng Hogarth Photography

Summit, NJ USA

“Every photographer has a story about their beginning. Well for me, it all began with my mother, constantly wanting a picture of me or my sister everywhere we would go. I thought I was going to go crazy. ? Once I got my hands on her camera, I was immersed in a whole other world. Every day I wanted to take pictures of something new from people, to objects, to little critters around the yard. This is when I knew I wanted to take pictures my whole life. Senior year in high school came around and it was time to look into colleges to attend to begin my future career. I visited the nearest Art Institute in Jacksonville, FL. I walked in with amazement for what I had seen. I left torn apart. I could NEVER afford the tuition to attend the school. That did not stop me with my passion. I continued to learn from the internet. Youtube, photography websites, and local photographers provided my education. 2016 came. I wanted to do something different. I wanted to run my own photography business. I took matters into my own hand. I painted my garage walls white. I borrowed money to buy a nice camera. But, the biggest obstacle I ran into, was fear. How do I get myself out there. I am scared to talk to people I do not know. What am I going to do? Until one day, I ran across an interview of Sue Bryce on SLR Lounge on Youtube. I get half way through the video and her words struck me. She began the same exact way with her business, and now, she is very successful with her craft. Since that very day, that very moment, she has been my inspiration to push harder and do what I love. Today, I continue to learn from Sue Bryce. In my mind, the encounter of the interview was a sign that I am following my dream and passion. I may not be fully successful with my business at the moment, but I know if I continue to put myself out there and push for what I love, I WILL SUCCEED.”

— Studio Chic by Brandon Harrington

Jacksonville, FL

“I am writing this letter before the onset of the busy season because I know that this will be a successful year. I can safely send this letter because I know that the work I am doing WILL pay off. I can't wait to write another letter six months or a year from now because I know that the proof will be in the pudding. I have set my intentions and I believe in myself and my work. And I know that I am the one doing the work, but I also know that I would probably still be spinning my wheels if I hadn't invested in your education site. Your combination of grit and compassion is exactly what I needed at this point in my life. Buddhists say, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” I was ready – and I am glad that you are the teacher I chose to follow.”

— Kari Bedford

Springfield, Illinois

“Anything I need whether it is ideas for a shoot, marketing tips, business planning, or personal development, I come to suebryceeducation.com first. The education site is the single most comprehensive resource you can get in all of those things and more. The live classes have helped so much in prepping for amazing portrait shoots and then to be able to get questions answered live by Sue is even better. Thank you Sue for creating such an incredible one stop resource that gives you everything you need to know to run a successful and profitable portrait studio! I wouldn't be where I am today without it!”

— Joanna Ziemlewski, SoulScaping

New York, NY

“My story started when I was on the cusp of a nervous breakdown from my job. My nephew was due and as an avid hobbyist, I really wanted to take his newborn photos. I took Kelly Brown’s newborn boot camp on Creative Live and I learned of Sue Bryce, but was consumed with the idea of newborn. After doing my nephews photos, I realized that newborn photography was not for me, but it brought me back to my love of photography. My job was getting more and more stressful and then I saw one of Sue Bryce’s Creative Live courses and it touched me! I connected with her so deeply and I knew that this is what I wanted to do! With my husband’s support, I quit my stressful job and started studying. I’ve been absorbing as much as I can and have learned so much through her education site! Do I make mistakes, yes! But they are mistakes she warned about and I was more prepared to handle them. So much of the business side is completely laid out, so many things I don’t have to figure out myself or ask friends/family their opinion on – so important!! The support from the mentors and like-minded photographers is second to none! It’s like a franchise system without the huge costs. The value of this education is literally worth thousands! It’s incredible! I hope to open my business officially early next year. Everything will probably not be perfect, but it will be leaps and bounds ahead of what I could have done on my own! Every time I feel doubt and fear creep into my head, I’m able to calm it and bring it around. Sue Bryce gave me the tools to do that! Just through this education, Sue has shown me strength in myself I didn’t know I had! I have grown so much in this last year, not just in my photography, but personally!! I am so very grateful! Thank you, Sue! Sincerely, thank you!!!!”

— Cheri Flippen

Houston, TX

“The world of possibility opened up toward a portrait career focused on women when Sue Bryce first entered the US education market for me. She has brought to the worlds attention how important it is to have a portrait well done as a 'exist in photos' movement. As a result, we have watched thousands of photographers taking a step toward owning a studio and changing not only their own lives, but women (clients) in their communities. They are creating beautiful marketing, photographs and service that helps the client who trust the experience will be an unforgettable event. Sue has given us the roadmap and training. She has built this education from the heart and belief that every woman should find a radiant light within and carry the torch to combat the battle of life. It's a lot to strive toward, but she and WE as her students are making a difference. Sue never leaves us thinking she has given everything, as fact has it, this is exactly why she created her own education, right here. She has a source that lets her endless imagination and ideas transpire and there is always something for anyone hungry to learn. I am grateful to have this resource available so I can review before the next important shoot. Or, I can brush up on Photoshop, get a pep talk when needed and more. I look forward to what is coming. This is all the education I need to back up the business of my dreams while we all commune together as friends in portrait photography.”

— Lori Patrick, Portrait of Beauty

Allentown, PA & Manhattan NY

“I stumbled upon Sue Bryce, whilst surfing Creative Live videos, on Youtube. Within 10 seconds, I felt like she was my spirit animal. I wanted what she had, what she was offering her clients, and her skill level. That day, I began investing in my education, my business, and myself. I started working through my shit; blocks, blame, self-pity, apathy, all the gunk that keeps us from being our best. Sue's presence, in my life, has not only helped me improve my portraiture 10-fold, she has also turned the mirror back to me. She has helped change me, to the core, therefore changing how I value and perceive everything. I will eternally be grateful. I am a busy mom and wife, but I MAKE time to immerse myself in her education, daily. It has moved me and is the driving force behind all of the positive changes, in me. We could never thank you enough, Sue. We all love you and VALUE everything you bring our way. <3”

— Lindsey Nolan Portrait

Deltona, FL

“After completing Photography education in the evening , having two children I finally realized what type of photography I Love to do and thanx to you i got up and am re-designing my website and re-structuring my career. I can't wait to start shooting, creating beautiful images and making these women look amazing!!! ”

— Gosia Babiarz

Montreal, Quebec

“How do I love thee? Let me count thy ways. There is no measurable way I can express my gratitude to Ms. Bryce for the change she has made in my business, and more importantly, myself. Ms. Bryce, you are a blessing to many, and I am so fortunate to be part of your education site. It is the one education platform I build directly into my business budget each year. Your wealth of knowledge is astounding. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your knowledge with us to better empower ourselves and others through photography.”

— Sarah Johnson Creative

Saskatchewan, Canada

“I am overwhelmed and blown away with your generosity of sharing your information to help educate us all. I am still reading and watching videos at this stage. BUT thank you - thank you for such a wonderful learning environment that you have created. It's greatly appreciated.”

— Marjorie Lord

Mount Isa AU

“Once upon a time when CreativeLive did stream workshops every other month I more or less watched everything. I remember not being that enthusiastic about this "Glamour" but watched anyway. And I was probably hooked after some minutes - that was the first workshop I bought. I found the mentor I didn´t know I was looking for. Some years & workshops later I can´t grasp the amount of wisdom Sue gave me - the School of Sue - it is priceless! And you don´t even have to be a photographer, absolutely everyone would profit from the lessons in self value, money and business. The Sue Bryce Education has went far beyond the photographer world by now. My latest lightbulb moment just happened some days ago on a beautiful beach in Italy: I can´t sell something I don´t have a price for - it took me a while to realize that but without Sue I would probably still be in the "That´s not the right market"-bubble. And in many others!”

— Ursula Schmitz

Vienna, Austria