Marci Lambert

Marci Lambert Photography

Memphis, TN
I want to take the best portraits of you that you have ever seen. I know that you give your all to those you love. I know that you want the best for your family and friends, every single day. And I know it's hard to stop and take some time for yourself. The demands of modern life are never-ending and sometimes you are pulled in too many directions at once. Yet you are extraordinary. I know this. I know that no one sees the world quite like you. I know that you hold so many hopes and dreams deep inside you. I understand that as much as you love all the roles you play, you long to be seen. And listened to. And appreciated beyond measure. Let me show you that person. The one who is so very beautiful and confident and at home in herself. She's in there. And you need to search for her every once in a while and let her know you value her. It doesn't matter how much she weighs. Or if she has grey hair or wrinkles. She is beautiful down to her core. I can show that to you. Fall in love with yourself again.