Darby Davenport

Darby Allison Studios

Nevada City, California
My name is Darby Davenport. I’m an award winning and published boudoir/portrait photographer at Darby Allison Studios in Northern Ca. Creating cherished portraits that make people feel beautiful and powerful is what fills my bucket! I’ve worked to showcase the female form in very unique ways while always in support of female empowerment, self acceptance and positive body image. Our humble studio of mature, non judgmental women is a safe place of openness and creativity. I find joy and purpose by connecting with clients and my intent is to support women in hopes they find love and acceptance for themselves and others. Reaching the level of Master photographer with the esteemed Portrait Masters Community and being awarded two elusive gold awards (2020 and 2021) have been career highs, but the most important rolls of my life are that of a loving wife, mom & Grammy. I invite you to a personal session with us to view yourself as a creative muse. Simply show up with an open heart, an interest in the creative process, and leave the rest to us! I am here to guide and support you through the fun, memorable and some say, addictive process of the creation of beautiful legacy portraits. (@darbyallisonstudios or www.DarbyAllison.com)