Bridget Corke

Bridget Corke Photography

Johannesburg, South Africa
ABOUT: I'm one of two accredited master portrait photographers in Africa as recognised by The Portrait System, based in Johannesburg. MY STORY: I lost my mom when I was 30. That doesn't make me unique, but it did change my outlook. Not a 10th of October passes without remembering my mother's final words: "Life is short. Look at me. I am 62 and about to die. Bid, you are not the corporate type. Follow your creative passion. Do something with yours before it's over!" At that time, I was working in the corporate jungle of Johannesburg. Eight years later, dad died, on mom's birthday, with his children at his side. The moment he took his final breath, I drew, with all its sadness, a deep strength. I left the corporate world, got divorced, had a beautiful son, then picked up a camera and went to work, quickly learning no one owes you anything. I've photographed both happiness and sadness, the lens revealing both sides. Let me tell your authentic story, where you look at your pictures and they back at you—steadying you—holding you. As Maya Angelou so beautifully put: "People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel."