Joanna Ziemlewski


Hartford, CT
Joanna is an Associate Photographer and life and business coach who focuses on reconnecting women with their truth. She photographs on location in New York City, Connecticut, Denver and travels by request. Joanna specializes in women's beauty portraits, dream shoots, boudoir, and personal branding, with a focus on incorporating body language and transformational psychology into a photograph. A portrait session becomes so much more when you can move the body to inspire and heal the soul. In 2014 Joanna was named a mentor by Sue Bryce to help photographers transform their blocks in their portrait business. She works with photographers to increase their self value, market their business even if they are introverts, shows them how to design and grow their business to meet their financial goals, and helps them overcome past significant emotional events that cause self doubt and imposter syndrome. Joanna is available for a portrait session or mentoring in New York/Connecticut or will travel internationally by request.