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Sue Bryce and lighting expert, Felix Kunze have created a special video series that focuses on incorporating artificial light into your studio. This comprehensive course delivers 10 lessons (plus 2 bonus lessons) that will open your eyes to the endless opportunities studio lighting creates. Any studio, any space, any set-up, there is always a way to create beautiful light.

Learn the fundamental knowledge behind understanding artificial light, execute beautiful lighting scenarios anywhere and elevate your photography exponentially. Each course zeroes in on one specific topic and scenario. Felix takes you through how to set-up the lighting, your camera settings, shooting, modifying, and will leave you with all the tools you’ll need to master magnificent light in your studio.

The lessons include understanding sync speed, how to choose a modifier, replicating natural light, achieving Felix’s signature lighting set-up, shooting on-location with strobes, creating back and sidelit scenarios, shooting in small spaces with strobes, formal portraits and headshots, group lighting, layering light, shooting into backlight, and more.

52 reviews for The Lighting Series

  1. Ethan Smith

    I just picked up the new tutorial by Felix Kunze through an early release on Sue Bryce Education. Let me start by saying I’m only about 30 min into the tutorial and have been blown away! If you want a very comprehensive tutorial on studio lighting…buy it. I always get asked “how to feather light?” on my posts and his explanation how to work with one light is nothing short of amazing! I thought I had a good grasp on everything and I’ve already picked up a ton of knowledge…in 30 min! The way he explains lighting from the subjects point of view is spot on to how my brain works so that was an awesome surpise. I hope this review doesn’t sound like a sales pitch…lol seriously all, it’s pretty awesome!

  2. Vincent Gorman

    Job well done! Both of you.

  3. Andrew Knowles

    I have admired Felix’s light for a long time, he has a painterly, timeless look. In these videos, he teaches you the secrets to his amazing light in an easygoing, understandable way. I had so many “ah ha!” moments…it was truly mind blowing. I couldn’t recommend this course more highly!

  4. Jenni Sjoberg

    Best lighting tutorial I have ever gotten! (and I have quite a few)
    No confusing technical stuff! Just beautiful light made super simple!

  5. Ines Schäfer

    LIGHT BULB moments over and over! I only watches first round thus far and loving it already- even I Dummy can understand it and that means a lot! Like for real, people! I can NOT wait to get my hands on really put into practice, what Felix teaches here! Totally worth getting the entire series! YAY- so excited!!!

  6. Mathias Rasmussen

    Felix has an amazingly vast knowledge about lighting which he shares in these videoes – really anyone can learn something from him. That said,..

    I was, perhaps incorrectly, under the impression that these courses was mostly going to be about Felix teaching lighting. So when I first saw Sue appear in one of the videos I had my reservations. Sue spend a lot of the time focusing and teaching about posing, and I’m not really seeing the point. At times I was unsure if this was about posing or lighting. Luckily though, Felix has a lot to share and when occasionally Sue allows for him to speak and doesn’t push him out of the way, he’ll drop a piece of amazing knowledge.

    I don’t see the point in Sue spending so much of the time teaching how to pose. Sue has plenty of excellent videos that will teach just that. Even when Felix was finally allowed to talk about lighting Sue paid him almost no attention and instead focused on how to, again, pose the model. However, it’s great to see that Sue doesn’t just accept the look from the studio strobes. She knows how she wants the light and keeps asking Felix to fix the lights until they achieve the look she wants – and of course Felix knows precisely how to do it. I can forgive all the posing done in the video “Wall Poses” seeing as that’s really what the course was about, but otherwise it becomes too heavy.

    All in all though… If you’re okay with all the posing Sue does or if you’re not, you’ll still be learning so incredibly much from this that your entire body will be itching for your next shoot. And also Sue has a wonderful smile and beautiful ears, and Felix is simply incredibly handsome.

  7. Paul Gero

    This is good….like *REALLY* good stuff. Felix is a wonderful teacher and the way he sees light and helps you see it is exceptional. I can’t recommend it enough if you want to bring a “Vanity Fair” aesthetic to your strobe lighting not only in the studio but on location. Grab it before the price increase!!!

  8. Anniek Mol

    I have been using strobes for years but still felt very insecure about them especially in my new tiny studio. While watching this series I discovered that I was doing a lot of things right already with set ups I accidentaly discovered while mucking around. But now I KNOW why those light set ups I discovered accidentally work well and how I can play with them.

    The only video I didn’t find helpful was the small space one. I watched it after the ‘one light’ video and the light set-up is almost the same and it’s only with seating poses. Lighting dancing or standing people in my 2,20m ceiling studio is my biggest concern so I would have loved more insight in that.

    Thankfully in a lot of the other videos low ceilings and small spaces where addressed and I honestly found those tips more helpful than the special small space video.

    Overal a great series with a lot of very nice set-ups. I’m sure I will come back to these videos for a long time.

  9. Erin Beckett

    The Lighting Series with Felix Kunze and Sue Bryce is amazing. I got my first strobe about a year ago, and I was pretty overwhelmed with how to properly use it. I played around with it, but I wasn’t in love with the results I was getting. I read tutorials and watched other videos online with how to use them, but I still wasn’t getting results that I loved.

    This course breaks everything down so simply, and it is not overwhelming at all. There is no talk about ratios or the exact settings you should use. It’s all about how to use the light(s), and then fine tuning to get the results you are looking for. I have never seen anything this simplistic, but mind blowing on lighting. I am super pumped, and absolutely confident that I will be able to get results I love with my strobe now in any situation!

  10. Erin DeGroot

    Wow!! I am blown away by this course. I have read books by some of the industry’s greats about lighting, I’ve watched countless YouTube videos and courses from other instructors but nothing has ever come close to how simply Felix teaches you to create gorgeous, beautiful, impactful light.

    His teaching style is very approachable and it makes you want to jump up and start creating immediately. I have already dusted off my lighting equipment and created some beautiful images in just the last few days since purchasing the course.

    This course is absolutely worth every penny and it will take your photography skills light years ahead from where they are right now.

  11. Angi Lewis

    For those of you who’ve thought about purchasing Felix Kuntz’s video series on lighting, PLEASE give yourself an early Christmas present and do it. I’m ONLY on the 5th video and am COMPLETELY blown away by how easy it truly is. Felix throws out the confusing, technical aspects and teaches instead from such a simple, yet understandable perspective. Lightbulbs in my mind are going off at every turn! I’ve already practiced on 2 models and it’s truly amazing how small changes can make such a big difference! I can’t believe I was doing it wrong all along. Total game-changer. Best $199 I’ve spent in a long time!!

  12. Jackie Powell

    Easy to watch, easy to learn, easy to apply. This has to be, hands down, the best lighting education class I’ve seen — and I’ve seen a few. I don’t think I learned this much, this fast to get my degree in photography.

    So, if you’re hemming and hawing around trying to decide whether to buy this course, just do it for goodness sakes. You can spend tens of thousands to get a degree or a couple hundred on this course (and learn significantly more). Thanks, Felix & Sue for making this available. It’s worth every penny and then some.

  13. Paige Henderson

    Only one video in to the series and it has already paid for itself. You guys hit a home run with this one!

  14. Rex Johnson

    Best lighting series available. Period!

  15. Gaily

    I learned techniques which I could apply immediately and with intent. No longer will I feel at the mercy of my lighting situation and I have this series to thank for it.

  16. Pia Rothmann

    Absolutely brilliant!!!

  17. Robin Kamphuis

    Felix is a great teacher. He makes lighting so easy. I got more confident using my studio lights. He doesn’t only teach you how to use studio lights but also how to make awesome pictures with it.

  18. Holly provance

    Lighting in the simplest terms possible. Felix’s explanations just make sense. You don’t feel like it is a graduate level class and you are a freshman . Buy this, you won’t regret it.

  19. Misty Anderson

    This series is a game changer and I’m not even all the way through. I have struggled with lighting since I started doing photography. Felix makes it so easy to understand. Great investment for your business..

  20. Zoe Noble

    I’ve been very lucky to attend one of Felix’s amazing lighting workshops and all his incredible lighting setups, techniques, and even more (!), can be found in this series!

    I’m a professional photographer who firmly believes in investing in your education (over gear any time!) so if you photograph people, then this is a MUST purchase. You’ll learn incredible techniques that will set your images apart from the rest.

    Even better, Felix is an incredible teacher who explains his methods in such a simple and clear way, making it super easy to understand.

    I’ve purchased many courses on lighting but this is hands down the best 🙂

  21. Gale Wall

    I like that you don’t need to focus on technical settings. Instead, pay attention to light placement and explanation of why and how to modify. The easiest training of how to create beautiful and flattering portrait light.

  22. Denise

    Easy to follow, easy to listen to, informative and measurable, insofar as being able to implement the setups and see the results.

    Doesn’t matter the brand nor whether you’re using studio flash, speedlites or constant lighting, the concept is what is important. The series is taught in such as way as to encourage you to forget about settings – no light meter is used – and to instead ‘see’ the light and histogram and work with that. Very straight forward. I find it odd not working with a light meter, however, it works. Might try using my light meter to get my initial settings to dial in, then tweak from there, as I may personally find it better for me. This again is the beauty of this course, you get enough knowledge to start making informed choices about your lighting and what works for you.

    Hats off to Felix and Sue for bringing this together and releasing it as a download – after all photography without light is not exposed!

  23. Catherine A Picking

    Thank you Felix for creating and offering this lighting course. The content and teaching style is presented in such a way that I feel like I am at a live workshop. Seeing how you work to create beautiful light as well as learning the “why” behind it has changed my lighting forever.
    Thank you for not treating the lighting patterns as proprietary but freely sharing the knowledge with us all. Learning from this lighting course will raise the level of portraiture I am creating for clients in my sphere of influence.

  24. Smadar kafri

    I’m about a quarter way through, and so far so good. I’m pretty experienced in lighting technics, and always lived to play around with studio lighting. So even though I’m familiar with a lot of what Felix is teaching, there’s so much to be learned in new ways of implementing familiar technics. For example- reflected light modifiers, which felix loves and which I always detested, now seem to make so much sense, I even used them in a big commercial shoot yesterday, and it really solved a lot of issues.
    Felix as a teacher is sort of perfect. At one point I was thinking that if ever the world would come to an end, Felix should be the one hosting the final TV broadcast. He’s just so calming and assuring, everything is easy and achievable, and you just need not worry. It’s lovely, really.

  25. Minette Hanekom

    I was sitting on the fence when it came to buying this series. But oh my goodness – so glad I finally did!
    Absolutely mind blowing how much Felix can teach you about lighting in so little time. He makes it so easy and practical. Little changes that will change the way you shoot and make your images great to amazing!
    He will make you see and understand light the way that light is suppose to be seen and understand.
    He’ll teach you how to work with the light, so that the light can work for you!
    After watching this series I’m buzzing to get clients in to utilize what he taught me! Thanks Felix for sharing your knowledge with everyone – this was life changing!!

  26. Ashley Lindsey

    I am a natural light photographer through and through. Lighting courses have always intimidated me and not made since. I’ve always LOVED Felix’s work so when I first heard Sue Bryce was learning lighting from him I knew there had to be a hook. There totally is. HE TEACHES LIGHTING IN SIMPLE TERMS. No need to get technical to understand light. This lighting series is incredibly comprehensive yet so simple to understand.

  27. Katie Chang

    Best lighting course ever, definitely a game changer!

  28. Neon Howe

    A great lighting education series. Felix explains everything in very watered down terms, making the process of working with lighting equipment…dead simple! If you want to master using artificial light, this is a must have in your arsenal of reference material. Again super easy to learn from and Felix it makes it fun to watch. I’m excited to put everything I’ve learned to practice!

  29. Christy Ivory

    I really needed this series of videos Felix and Sue offered..I live in WA state and the light at times is sparse. Now I know exactly what I need to do. Thanks so much!

  30. Beatriz ibarra

    I’m so grateful to Sue and Felix! This is a game changer for my business. I just recently got my studio and have been nervous about trying artificial lights ( I own a high end constant and soft boxes) and NOW I feel like I can’t wait to strobe lights and get a modifier! You guys have changed everything. Thanks for speaking my language and for sharing your gifts. ????????????????

  31. Mayumi Acosta

    I am so happy using Felix’s lighting techniques. He makes lighting not only easy and fun but also makes you think outside the box and use resources you already have to create beautiful images without having expensive equipment or breaking the bank. I’ve been watching and practicing different set ups in his lighting series and it’s been a success every single time. Thank you so much Felix for putting this class together, It will for sure change the way I photograph.

  32. Rodney Pedroza

    I have been watching Felix ‘s workshop and is mind blowing!!!

    What I love about it, he just simplifies creating amazing strobe lighting!! Since I have been a natural light photographer from the beginning of my photography career, well from this point forward, is about to change!!

  33. Neha Mirsky

    I am so grateful to Felix for letting my fear of strobes go and get comfortable shooting with strobes. I have bought SO MANY lighting courses from creative live by so far famous photographers who are known to be experts in studio lights that I might as well delete because all I need is Felix’s lighting series. He breaks down everything so simply and nobody tells you where to freaking place the light and how to feather it. Felix is master at feathering and creating soft light that you will start loving studio light. If you want to step up your game or learn about studio lighting, this is it! No matter what level you’re shooting at, this will improve your work tremendously. I am so glad to have bought this! THANK YOU, Felix for sharing your incredible knowledge and experience!

  34. Arnold reyneveld

    As a professional portrait photographer, I thought I knew how to light but Felix is really mastering it. I admire his technique and really appreciate the way he explains every setup. With The Lighting Series, you’re not only buying better light set-ups, you’re buying loads of self-confidence. It’s worth every penny.


    Thank you for teaching in a way that can be understood by the not so techy types Felix Kunze! Watching your videos answer so many questions and made me excited about studio lighting! Thank you for your input and I will get busy making adjustments. I’m sure you hear it all the time, but the information you share has moved mountains and made way for me to grow in ways I never believed possible. Thank you! Enough of all that emotional stuff I’m off to play with lights ????

  36. Carlos Andres Duenas

    I found this tutorial by Felix and Sue to be of incredible use. Their intuitive approach to lighting is far more useful than the technical approach of so many other tutorials. You can se here 2 masters playing with light, not two technicians recommending gear or camera settings. Thank you!

  37. Tricia Gasbarro

    I love this series. So good I binge watched the whole thing…then so excited immediately set up my strobes and started playing with light. Felix teaches how to be intuitive with your approach, and less technical….more artist than engineer. If you’ve ever hated artificial light, or we’re afraid of it, this is the series to get you confident and excited about creating beautiful portraits with artificial light. If you’ve only been a daylight shooter, this opens your ability to shooting any time of day, and to expand your photography world.


    Love it!

  39. Steavie Lea

    I just wanted to express my gratitude to Felix for what I was able to take away so far from the lighting videos.
    I have used continuous lights forever and a day and now will start transitioning over to strobes.
    I was asked what I wanted for my Christmas this year and was gifted the workshop. Best gift ever!
    I am also getting a new light setup (A gift to myself) and with this new knowledge, it will help so much in what I can use to achieve amazing results while on a start up budget.
    Thank you so much Felix for this learning experience.

  40. Perminder Suman

    I thought I knew all I needed to know about lighting but Felix proved me wrong. I can now see where I was making mistakes. Having tried some of the things in this series, my lighting looks so much better now using the same equipment as before. I highly recommend this series.

  41. Vanessa Wozcniaki

    Simply love this! I’ve always admired Felix’s lighting and I am grateful for this series!

  42. Paolo Ciccone

    These video tutorials are priceless. I used to shoot with continuous light because I wanted to replicate the look of natural light. Continuous light is convenient because it allows you to see the effect of lighting while you prepare the scene. The downside is the low intensity, which is a problem when you need to bounce the light, for example when backlighting the subject, and the size of the lights.

    Before Felix’ classes, I could not emulate natural light with strobes. Now it’s a piece of cake. Felix’ teaching style is simple, practical and easy to replicate. You can use speedlights and inexpensive modifiers to obtain absolutely gorgeous results. This was money very well spent.

  43. Arielle Doneson

    The moment I saw the featured image for ‘Felix signature light’ I knew that this was the lighting education I needed. There’s only so far one can go from youtube, booked, and trying to piece things together looking at catchlights. I have been shooting with strobes for years but I never felt like the results were intentional nor as good as pretty natural light. After watching this series I can honestly say that is no longer true. I feel so confident in my setups now and I know WHY they work, thus giving me the tools to expand from here. Pretty, pretty, soft, directional light is mine! Felix is an awesome teacher. I am so grateful for this series. In the short time since I watched the full series I can honestly say it’s been a game changer for me. Thank you so much, Felix & Sue – hands down the best money I’ve spent on photography education.

  44. Stephanie Baroni-Cook

    Before Felix’s Lighting Series, I thought attaining the kind of light he and Sue teach would be close to impossible in my small, gloomy lit, Home Studio. I also don’t have strobes, only cheap constant lights (we are talking a $75 Studio Pro light setup, and a $140 beauty ring). But let me tell you, I’m here to say that not only can you achieve what he teaches you in here, you can attain beautiful work doing it. Everyone is blown away when they see my works vs. behind the scenes, and I seriously owe it to Felix and Sue. Felix shows you how to adapt your environment to the look you’re trying to achieve, and helps you to think outside of the box. This isn’t about numbers or technicalities, but truly learning how light works and how you can (easily) manipulate it in ANY space that you’re in. Get this series, it’s MORE than worth it.

  45. Shanshan Gong

    Felix’s course is the best investment you will ever make if you are into photography. Actually it should be the first investment you make before purchasing any light gear and renting any studios. Before I bought the course, I and another photographer went onto his Instagram, tried to analyse how he managed to light some of the images. We we wouldn’t wrap our heads around how could the light be directional with contract but still soft and natural without the strobe look. We thought, ok, he must be using 3 or 4 lights with different modifiers to archive his look. But when I bought the course and finished watching everything during one day, feeling absolutely enlightened. The lighting set ups are much simpler than it looks, even with quite cheap gears and DIYs.

    But now I know what I can already do with inexpensive soft boxes and constant light, I also become more confident in getting better gear knowing what kind of better result I would get.

    So you will save a lot of money and time, get a steep learning curve, and definitely be able to focus on artistic creation of the portrait more.

  46. Sveta Buyanin

    Felix is a great teacher. His class help me a lot. Nobody can explain you about light more gracefully and easy to understand. He is Maestro of Light! Felix’s class is my best investment into photography. Buy it! Learn it! Enjoy it!

  47. Bob Shurtleff

    Thank you Felix Kunze! Your class opened my eyes, and changed my entire approach to portrait photography! You explanations are clear and well organized. But it doesn’t end there! With every shoot I am taking your explanations and techniques to another level, as never before. Thank you! This is the best investment I’ve made in my education.

  48. Ioana (Pyu) Mardare

    This is a must have tutorial for lighting.
    Felix Kunze explains lighting like no other and made me understand how light behaves. No matter the space you’re working, Felix’s teaching will help you light any person in a way that complements their features. His trial and error approach is simple and clean, spot on! He made me “feel” the appropriate way to light a subject.
    Thank you for taking my skills to the next level, Felix!

  49. Luis Maya

    Amazing! I cannot wait to purchase professional lights, I am no longer intimidated on how to approach lighting on a photo shoot. “If its too bright just lower the light, if its to dark increase the light”. This lighting series is a need for a newbie in glamour photography. I am also using some of the techniques in my product photography. Felix Thank You! Awesome Instructor. It is one of the best investment I’ve made.

  50. Andrew Clifton-Brown

    Hotspots and shadows are something you don’t see in Felix’s work unless they are meant to be there. I could never figure out how he shot that way. And while there are a hundred and one different tutorials out there on the internet that try and cover this way of shooting, they all fell short in one way or another which always left me frustrated. When I saw the preview videos for ”The Lighting Series” I thought I’d give it a go. I love Felix’s work, and I thought at the time that at the least it was discounted (when I bought it).

    So after sitting through the one light video, it seemed a little too easy to me. It wasn’t a full frontal technical assault, it was a video of Felix talking through how he shoots, the effect to expect at the end of it, his aperture, shutter speed, etc. And the most important aspect to get your head around is how he feathers the light on the subject and why it doesn’t produce hotshots (which he explains very well). And he does this with more than one modifier to show that it isn’t all about the top of the line gear (and it’s on the fly and not in a pristine environment with lots of cutting in and out).

    So after watching the one light video, I realised I could do it. It was a real ‘Eureka’ moment. I then tried the ‘Felix Signature Light’ and after watching the video and taking all of the information to the studio with me, I got the results I wanted. I was gob smacked and very, very happy.

    Knowing what this video by Felix has done for me, I now I got an absolute bargain. And knowing what I know now, it is absolutely worth the price.

    Do yourself a favour and buy ‘The Lighting Series’ by Felix Kunze. I cannot recommend this video enough for getting your confidence up, and getting some stellar results.

  51. Rosaura Sandoval

    This series has been by far one of the best purchases I have made for my career. Thank you Felix for demystifying lighting and actually making it fun! Your videos are easy to grasp and show a wide variety of setups. This is a total must for anyone wanting to understand light and making it work for your studio and clients. Couldn’t recommend it more! What are you waiting for!

  52. Vessa Ventz

    My go-to for lighting questions: both the series and the FaceBook group! Best investment! Thank you!

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