The In-Person Folio Build Experience

One-on-one access to Sue's Team at Sue's Studio

What do you want to master?


This is a one-on-one, Lighting and Posing Masterclass

Join us in the studio for a one on one folio build with Photographer Gerson Lopes and Stylist Kenzie Olds. Together, we’ll create a day full of beautiful portraits that are uniquely geared to what you want to learn and practice and the images you want to create for your folio.

You will have full access to:

√  Studio Wardrobe – with 500 different outfits to style

√  Learning Hair, Makeup and Assisting by Bri Oro & Kenzie Olds

√  Models – personally selected for the look you want

√  Professional Styling of clothes and draping fabrics

Posing and Posing Curves

Learn hundreds of poses that flow together, which will give you so much confidence when you are giving your clients strong direction and clear guidance.


What’s your style? What’s your demographic? What clients do you want to attract?

White Sheet ∙ Vanity Fair ∙ Half Contrast ∙ Black Tent ∙ Face One Light ∙ Greenwall ∙ Oliphants


Natural strobe or constant? The fastest way to master light is hands on.

You can choose all of the lighting scenarios you want to master:

Natural ∙ Constant ∙ One Strobe ∙ Two Strobe


1-minute behind-the-scenes
marketing video for your studio

Set to any music in the TPM
store (music license included)

Add your Logo (optional)

2 rounds of revisions (if needed)
to make any tweaks you’d like

The final video is delivered in horizontal & square versions

Sample Video 1 Sample Video 2

Videographer by Caitlin Timmins            Stylist/HMUA Bri Oro                   Photographer Gerson Lopes               Stylist Kenzie Olds