1:30:25 Duration

When am I good enough to be paid?

For so many creative small business owners, this journey to building a valuable brand and service starts inside you. In this talk I unlock the secret fears we all feel, and I share the progression of my own personal path to value and getting paid doing what I love.

I AM SO EXCITED to share this with you!


  1. I’ve followed you from the beginning of your time at Creative Live and not once has a talk made me cry until this one. This feels tranformational – thank you from every fibre of my being, I feel like this has changed changed the course of my life in business and relationships – Thank you so very very much

  2. Wow ! Thankyou Sue, thankyou ! In all my years of self development and my healing journey . . . you have just busted open a whole can of worms in the first hour of this talk ! SHAME !! In all these years, my focus has been on healing rejection, abandonment etc, etc . . . As you were talking and explaining about shame, I could feel it and made the connection. I GOT IT and finally understood a fundamental block and where it has come from ! Cheers Sue, much gratitude.

  3. I so needed to hear this as I had not really understood what was holding me back in many areas of my life. I now understand that it was my own shame limiting me and in fact it had for a long time in previous careers too. Thank you Sue.

  4. Watching right now and had the most beautiful breakthrough about my hangups about vouchers, pricing structure and my own confusion in pricing differently for branding. I GET IT NOW!! Also that shame stuff… WOW! Thank you Sue, I am truly, so very grateful for you and all that you give!!

  5. Thank you Sue … this was incredible and just what I needed to hear … and Craig (and team) … the live transcript is so helpful, especially when you’re trying to watch with no sound. Thank you!

  6. Thank you Sue Bryce! and welcome to America! you are waking up the sleeping giant of most Americans… thank you, thank you ,thank you, did anyone ever say you should run for president! you are the most humble person I know that’s what attracts me to you and your business! and why I am here! I Honor you miss Bryce i Honor you.

  7. Wow…I’m only 4 minutes in and aready have a sick feeling in my stomach. Might be because I didn’t get enough sleep or because this really connects wityh me on a deep level.

  8. Sue, your passion is infectious. I feel an overwhelming excitement every time I hear you talk. You have ignited a fire in me that burned out long ago. Thank you for unselfishly sharing your knowledge so that I can become the best version of myself and get out of my own way. I’m so glad that you LOVE what you do, because in doing so you have made an incredible difference in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!!

  9. Thank you Sue for your generosity in sharing this. This is so powerful and will be added to my favourites. I love the bit about stating that you love this. I will be adding that to my affirmations. 🙂

  10. Oh my gosh – I have been so excited for this and am just devouring it.
    I can’t wait to watch/listen to it again and follow the transcript. Any chance this is going to be an audio download like her last WPPI talk?

  11. I have always valued the important lessons that other people share heartfelt from their own experience especially when it resonates with the lessons I didn’t quite understand in my own life. Thank you for tying up the loose ends to understanding why I hold myself back and the changes I finally made in saying no more to people who don’t offer equal value. I’ve struggled to be okay with it and I knew I didn’t want to go back but what a weight to understanding why and letting them go for good. It seems like an easier path ahead just by understanding why I I was afraid to go forward. Instead of looking back at the things I’ve left behind I have the wind at my back and the light ahead!
    Powerful stuff.