SBE - Wall Posing Guide

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1:31:31 Duration

Wall Posing


  1. I love being able to watch these videos over and over. Each time I watch I feel like I learn something new and it cements my knowledge further. This is such am amazing education platform. Thanks Sue and team

  2. Posing IS your superpower – you direct people with such confidence. Thank you for being generous with your system – love watching the enthusiasm and grace.

  3. Great video, I am happy to learn all these poses…I love the wall, but I am too repetitive with it. Just got lotsa good ideas. Thanks!
    PS: you girls have got the cutest little dirty feet!!

  4. I like this. It’s actually very useful to see Sue recreate “classic” poses on the spot. It allows us to see how she gets the model into that pose and it also shows how much or how little variety there might be in the pose.

  5. AWESOME! I missed the first half of the live, and coming back to it today with your live shots visible is so great! Your enthusiasm and excitement makes me smile, and Alice rocked it! So fun, Sue. Thanks xx Sunny

  6. Thank you Sue for these amazing videos. They are such a great complement to 28 Days and your other education videos. You have basically handed us all the tools we need its just up to us to take action. Thank you once again.