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43:20 Duration

Vintage Pinup

Posing and Setup

Sue has a different take on boudoir than most photographers. Learn about how she differentiates from others, how she sets up her background and lighting, picking out lingerie for a client, and what she thinks is the two hardest things to learn as a new photographer.

Shoot – Pin Up Perfection

It’s all about extension, posing, expression, and creating that perfect ‘S’ curve in this vintage pinup shoot. Sue shows us how to pose from standing, to sitting, to staggering with apple boxes, why some poses just won’t work, and getting proper perspective as the photographer. See various silhouettes from different eras and learn the one thing that every single woman cares about in their photographs and how you can always achieve it, no matter the age or size.

Retouching #1 – Big Hair, Don’t Care

When it comes to a pin up edit, Sue tells us that you can go a little more dramatic with your edits. She also shows us how to create bigger hair when it looks flat on camera.

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  1. Finally… thank you for this Sue! I too was leery about venturing into boudoir until about a year ago when asked by a client to shoot her. Well, like you, I too put my own spin on it so it was less “traditional boudoir” and more artistic, dramatic, and vintage. Loved that you did this…thank you! Donna

  2. I’m new to ND filters, can anyone tell me how to know what lens they’ll fit. Sue, what lens are you using the Genus GL GNDF-72 ND 72 mm Fader Circular Filter System with in this video? Thank you!