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Vintage Lingerie

Learn “Sue Style Boudoir”, which focuses on high fashion…not body parts.


Learn how to fastly build an inexpensive boudoir set in studio.

Items Used:

  • Clips
  • Curtains
  • beauty style boudoir

Shoot – Sue Style Boudoir

Using natural and silhouetted light with no reflector, Sue captures a beautiful boudoir feeling with an emphasis on body-touch and body language posing. Learn how to make clients feel comfortable in their underwear, Sue’s golden rule for interacting with women, and her tricks to get your clients to pose themselves naturally.

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  1. I most appreciated Sue’s Golden Rule of communication with her clients in this video is so true, especially where male photographers are concerned. Since I am not a boudoir photographer as such, Sue’s vision for a more beauty and fashion based boudoir is a style I feel comfortable incorporating into my repertoire as a portraitist for something different and spicy.