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Video Marketing

Today we are going to take the idea of marketing slide shows and behind-the-scenes videos to the next level with moving portraits that will stop your viewers and clients in their tracks.

If you have ever been afraid to shoot video, today will change that. I’ll show you how to create easy dynamic four second clips and edit them together into engaging powerful promotional marketing videos.


  1. Its so funny you say you suck at music. I was trying out animoto last night and was thinking I sucked at music. How does Sue pick this amazing music. 🙂 I love your honesty.

  2. Sue – you did it again ! I just burst into tears with your #existinphotos!! Got my SPEAK HEART!! I am so glad to have photographed my mum in July with me and my kids. We have heirloom portraits that will be with us for generations to come. Mum was diagnosed 3 weeks later with pancreatic cancer. Still crying but happy and sad tears!!

  3. Sue, smashing skyrocketing genius! Question please, what is the easiest, fastest way to hack/ to record voice kind of decent quality? …thinking of if you would want to film “interview style”…. thank you.

    1. I recently shut myself in a tiny room with my client, and just recorded a video on my camera and extracted the audio. In a good, quiet room without an echo, the sound was pretty good!

  4. I have a stack of behind the scenes STILLS that I shot while I was prepping a client and my shooting space. I’ve been trying to work out how to create a time lapse with these stills for a couple of months now…. Any tips?

  5. Saw Sue present much of this material at the PPE in NYC this past weekend. Had to fly to Taiwan for business on Monday so I missed this “live” event. Looking forward to watching this in its entirety! Glad I joined this group a few weeks back!

    1. Sue, I just want to simply thank you. I am going to finally Make time to do all I can to market and grow my business. Thank you for the passion you share… Stay blessed.