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38:01 Duration

Victorian Style Shoot

Sue had an idea for a Victorian style shoot and she loved doing this shoot so much that she felt overwhelmed and nearly cried during it.

She wanted to show you how you can get really creative with styling your client.

Sue created the beautiful flower headpiece that Tessa was wearing out of silk flowers and she has videos HERE and HERE that you can watch about working with flowers and making flower crowns and flower hats.

Now Tessa’s hair is usually long and dark brown, but since Sue wanted a different look for this shoot, they transformed her hair. If you want to transform your client’s hair with hair pieces, she has also created a video for you HERE.

Sue used two different gorgeous dresses for two different looks from an incredible dress designer R-Mine Bespoke and she shot her on her gold Oliphant backdrop.

With a shoot like this, you want to feature the dress and hair and hair piece, but don’t lose site of making sure your client is still the focal point of the shoot.

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  1. I don’t blame you, Sue, when you feel overwhelmed, it is so exquisite and breathtaking, it feels like you are doing a Master painting, I deeply enjoy every single part of this photoshoot

  2. Love Love Love THIS! It’s breathtaking! It reminds me of a renaissance painting or even sculpture with the extension in the posing. I see you were switching back and forth from 1.4-11 with similar poses. Was that just to see which way you would like it? Ultimately which did you chose? Is there a place to see the final images from this shoot?

    1. Wow, love this one! What were the camera settings here and what kind of filter does Sue use? Is this an ND filter?