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Vanity Fair Style


    1. Near the end of the Photoshop Edit, Sue states that you can achieve this look with either an x-tra large umbrella with diffusion, or with a 5 ft. octabox with a double diffuser. Earlier in the editing video she did say she changed from the large umbrella to the octabox with double diffusion and liked it better.

  1. I’d love to know more specifics about the camera and light settings:
    Shutter speed?
    F stop?
    Power setting for overhead light?
    Power setting for bounced light?

    I watched the two strobe video also but Sue is achieving a very different look here.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. I’m so late to this party but OMG this session was gorgeous!! I want to have some tulle like this in the studio and was curious is it a strip that is multiple yards long or is it straight off the bolt and a few yards long?

  3. Am I correct in assuming that the camera right v-flat is on a 45deg to the model? I tried to replicate this and found it still looked too “flashy”. I also wondered about the diffusion on the main umbrella… is there more diffusion on the half closest to the model?

    1. You could make it happen for romance style. Be sure both faces have light representations, let shadows go toward the boy if you have them.

  4. I cried watching the reveal. Sue, you, your vision, and your team are amazing!!!
    Thank you for educating me. I look forward to sharing my photos from applying this amazing instruction.

    1. Sue was using Lightroom before she received the Canon EOS 5D MARK IV Her new camera has wireless tethering so this is what you are seeing.

  5. Sue Bryce! first time I have missed your live shoot’s since I joined… 🙁 I was out of town for me a big Photoshoot! but I am in aww watching the Video <3 your style is my addiction you only go higher and higher in what you teach! thank you ,thank you, thank you! will see you this coming Sueday Live!!! hugs to Cookie xo

    1. Sue was using Lightroom before she received the Canon EOS 5D MARK IV Her new camera has wireless tethering so this is what you are seeing.

  6. Hello, I have a question, someone know in what ‘materials’ and made the reflector, It seem light and rigid, I want to do some like this, but I don’t know what I should take. Thank you (and sorry for my english)

  7. Wow! I couldn’t watch this without getting teary-eyed, especially at the end. I love how Sue gets so excited when she knows she’s just captured that ‘it’ shot. I do the same thing! This is sooooo inspiring. I’m photographing a very intimate portraits session soon and can’t wait to use some of these amazing tips!

  8. Uhhhhhhhh this is so beautiful. I will not be able to buy those lights right now. but willing to give it a try with the natural light version. would you put a light towards the backdrop separately? I have a left side window.. with not that much light coming in and one constant light and one like an ice light… thanks sue… Was the hair supported with those hair pieces you have …. looks amazing…. and the direction she looks toward – and your angles were good to see.. love it

  9. wow ….. just watched this …. gorgeous …. I have 2 lights but dont have the height to try your overhead setup …. nor enough natural light …. will experiment with other ways though …. just divine and inspirational 🙂

    1. You can use speed lights too. This is how I work in octaboxes. If you don’t have them yet, look on eBay for the last generation speed light and build a little collection. that are inexpensive and work beautifully that way.

    2. Janina you might check out the Godox AB 360 II or the Flashpoint 600 Explor (a Godox rebranded, TTL flash) from Adorama…they have a wireless remote as well and are very good…the 360 is kind of like the Profoto B2 and the 600 is like the B1….TTL triggers for Sony, Canon and Nikon…

    1. Can anyone tell me how the poly-boards are secured upright at the bottom? I see them moving and know they are anchored on the bottom but I cant figure out how to get mine to be sturdy.