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48:50 Duration

Tulle Neck & Shoulders

Learn how to dress up any outfit by making tulle add-ons. Watch Sue create a tulle wrap that can be used as a head piece, neck piece, shoulder piece, belt, anything!

Items Used:

Key Things to Take Away:

  • Get creative and layer sample fabrics and trim on top of your tulle
  • Save broken old jewelry to add to your pieces

Shoot #1

Watch as Sue uses a tulle piece she created as a crown, neck piece and shoulder piece all in one shoot. Notice how with each variation, Sue uses different posing and different hairstyles to find the killer shot.

Items Used:

Key Things to Take Away:

  • Don’t be afraid to move around the piece to use in many different ways
  • Find the posing for each variation that works for your client

Shoot #2

Watch Sue using another home-made tulle piece to dress up Tessa. Go through the motions of using it as a bandana, around the shoulders, and on the neck.

Items Used:

Key Things to Take Away:

  • Keep an assistant close to help with changes in hair and placing the tulle piece


  1. Hello πŸ™‚ I love the pieces and the poses but in place of the second shoot video is playing the one with the green tulle wrapped around the model’s body, not the neck piece one. Is it just me?

    1. Yes, shoot #2 isn’t the one that’s supposed to be there…. I would love to see it though! πŸ˜€

  2. beautiful shots Sue. I cant help but giggle at your model as beautiful as she is its like she hates modelling. My son is like that he is my favourite model he’s gorgeous but hates modelling for me. Always amazing results though. Camera loves him. Thanks for all the amazing tips. You are SO giving. SO adore you on so many levels