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The Pre-Consultation

Visit the full post on convocation.

Emily London Miller has created an extraordinary consultation system that is absolute gold! With the highest average sale of the mentors, listen as she explains the steps she takes with her clients to turn a potential client into a paying client.

Key Points:

List of steps in Emily’s consultation system:

  1. Client is interested in more information, fills out form on website
  2. Automated email is sent to client with price list and behind-the-scenes video
  3. Emily calls client for phone-consultation, books their shoot and collects sitting fee
  4. Consultation appointment 4 weeks from their shoot, design the mood of their shoot. Client receives style guide and timeline.
  5. Try-on session. Emily helps client choose outfits, then takes their outfits to the studio three days before the shoot.
  6. SHOOT!


  1. Emily London Miller! on your black label package do you have your clients pay in full …as I know you travel to destinations for them, so do your clients pay for your expenses on top of your black label price or do you pay for all your expenses


    1. Hi Lindsey, Emily uses a studio management software called 17Hats, that sends out emails she’s written and has set up to automatically send. There are many of these studio management tools out there. I use Pixifi because it allows clients to self book, lets me auto schedule emails, contracts, invoices. I narrowed it down to Tave and Pixifi, but there’s Iris, ShootQ and many more. Check them out and see what works for you.

  2. Hi, Are we able to have copies of your style and beauty guides, rather than re-inventing the wheel? Happy to pay something but what an awesome idea

    I do something similar with my brides, making sure they chose the right style of dress for their shape.

    1. Hi Terri, you may have found these already. Emily sells her style guides on her website. Here is that link:

  3. Hi Emily! I am trying to update my website to incorporate the form with boxes and fields, but I cannot figure out how to actually create that! What program did you use to put that together? I use Squarespace for my website. THANK YOU!

    1. 17hats. I send them a quote to their email while they are speaking on the phone with me. I walk them through the quote process on the phone, and they can make their payment right then online. 17 Hats is connected to my square account. They also work with PayPal, stripe, and

    2. Oh yay! I have both 17 Hats and Square. I have my first non-in person consultation Saturday and need to collect my session fee! Thanks so much!

  4. Emily, I got your templates just last week and I’m just about ready to send out to print. You are so thorough in organizing this whole process. Not only are the templates a huge time saver but there are a ton of details that helped me mend the gaps in my system 🙂
    Thank you for being so brilliant!!

  5. Emily, what you have accomplished with your pre-consultation is incredible! I can see how what you do would help me so much. I’ve got my eye on you for mentorship after watching this.

  6. I love love love this video! Thanks for covering such a great topic. I’m a newborn photographer but my idea is the same. I love to design the shoot, colours, props etc. And I love to do a pre-consultation in person. And now I’ve got some ideas how to improve whole system! And now I also know how I can do maternity shoots. Thanks a lot Emily and Sue!!!

    1. 5 outfits. I definitely use a formula for creating 30 sellable shots that is basically the flow posing Sue teaches and five outfit changes.

  7. I’m just like Emily. I’m more afraid of the phone than face-to-face. Always have been, it is probably because you can’t see facial expressions and know how you are coming across to them.

    1. it is from by seldex but I don’t know if they even carry those specific ones. I barely use it anyway. Just print tri-fold cards with your pricing on them so the clients can take them home after the consultation. Works much better

    1. I use acuity scheduling for the consult call scheduling, and 17hats for everything else.

    1. Traci, all the information about where to print and order the various supplies are listed in the “how to” PDF in your download! (ProDPI)

  8. where does Emily get the “manual” that she gives to client about her package? I guess what I am asking is the packaging..where does she get these marketing gadgets from?

  9. What a great video on the pre consultation. You have really helped me rethink how to create the relationship with the client and the positive energy for a most amazing shoot. Wow

  10. This has helped me so much!! I feel really connected to my potential client before I even meet them. When I hear “I’m so excited!” I know I am doing well. 🙂 Thank you so much ladies!