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The Posing Rules (Poster) PDF

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1:32:59 Duration

The Posing Rules

Learn the rules from the beginning. So when a woman walks through your studio door, you know exactly which poses will flatter her, and can you focus on giving her great service instead of worrying about how to pose.


  1. The attached PDF is just a one page poster page, I would love to see a hard copy of poses that I can print for reference ( if possible) to help me learn the posing during an actual shoot and not feel so nervous.

  2. I am so glad I got to watch this from the archives, such essential teaching here. And the summary is fantastic. There is so much love in what you do Sue. Thank you <3

  3. This was perfect after the sales intensive. I can’t tell you how many times I said to myself I need a posing refresher, and then here it was 🙂 One question, you mention the teen posing video, but I can’t find it. Is it in the family ones? Thanks!

  4. This is me, during every live video, even after watching almost every one you’ve done.. “Oh. My. God. This is changing my world. Best one, yet!” Your wealth of information and your authenticity are changing me and the way I love what I do.

  5. I’m in the first ten minutes of your posing rules and breakthrough! You are addressing my number one issue. Self doubt no more directing my clients in posing. Thank you Sue.

  6. your last words are so Beautiful Sue spoken with truth,and whole Heart,I would like to learn them so that I my shear them with my client’s and they can feel life breathed back in to there whole being,this is something we for get as women thank you and I do Honer you my teacher my mentor Sue Bryce Thank you xo

  7. I picked up the constant talking through a shoot from you, Sue, and a few months ago shot some fashion for a designer with a model, and the model remarked that she could tell that I do portraits because of how I spoke to her! I noticed that she had her own ideas about how to pose and several times flat ignored my directions. Directions to make her look better! It really struck me, and I started to worry that she didn’t like or even appreciate being given direction at all and would rather come up with whatever poses she thought would be best. I’d never experienced such a thing. I think I prefer my portrait clients and newbie models LOL!

  8. such a lovely treat to have your Posing Rules printed and hanging in my studio already! Thank you Bryce! p.s I loved the end of todays live video so much meaning to Body Language and would love to make a tile for my studio with the meaning of body Language ~ for clients to see and feel love from there Beautiful Photo shoot <3

    1. Thank you Sue this posing review was awesome!! Shauna you are amazing, thank you so much for giving us this poster! It’s going in a frame above my desk so it can be permanently etched in my brain!