The Consultation

An Upcoming Sue Bryce Live

Sales Contact #2: The Consultation. The consultation is probably the most important point of contact with your clients. If you find yourself running into challenges with your clients later on during the shoot, or reveal, almost always the problem started here in the consultation step.

So much of how we connect in this day is phone and email. We don’t always get to connect here face to face. I believe whole heartedly this is the most important selling point where the best selling and the future connection is done. We educate and get excitement, commitment and establish stage one of relationship building and trust. This can happen over the phone or in person, but it is crucial to connect and educate your client in preparation for their shoot and future reveal.

There are five crucial points of contact with your clients that you need to master for selling portraits in your business:

#1 — Networking
#2 — The Consultation
#3 — The Shoot
#4 — The Reveal
#5 — The Referral

In this special five-week series of Sue Bryce LIVE, it’s time to dig in and purposefully strengthen every point of contact we have with clients.