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58:28 Duration

The Black Sash

With just $15, you can create a brilliant, beautiful, and boundless black sash that adds dozens of styles of dresses to your wardrobe. Learn how to wrap this simple sash into various ways that will look good on every client’s body, what styles look the best on each body type, and how to create couture looking gowns. This is the perfect addition to add to your essentials to be prepared for anything while folio building. Sue shows you how to be empowered from creating something out of nothing, and shares her story of how this black sash changed her studio forever.

Key Points:

* Back in Sue’s garage studio in New Zealand, one of her clients showed up for her shoot with nothing to wear. At that time, Sue had no studio wardrobe, but what she did have was a black sash. She used the sash, like you see in this video, to create dresses for her client.

* Make sure the fabric has a soft, satin feel to it

* This fabric does not need to be expensive. What you see in this video was $4.99 per yard and she uses 3 yards.

* Sue bought an inexpensive sewing machine — you don’t need anything over the top!

* Sew this similar to how you would a pillow case (watch the first video for more details)

* One thing to have in your studio for the “black sash” outfit are long black tube/pencil skirts in different sizes. You can buy them at cheap clothing stores in the mall or on Amazon for around $12.00. The creates the bottom part of the outfit.

* Drape and play with the fabric around your client depending on her body type.

* A thin piece of the fabric works great to taper in the waist almost as a belt.

* There are so many necklines you can do with this! Watch the video for multiple variations.

Items Used:


  1. I notice you do not use jewelry. Why? Does it not contribute to the client’s beauty? What if the client wants to wear jewelry, would you encourage that?

  2. I want to thank Sue B for sharing her brilliance and my grandma for my sewing machine (30 years ago) and the fore site to take sewing up in high school (decades ago). So thankful my church has a multi-purpose room where I get to cut out my bolts of fabric for long skirts etc. so excited.

  3. I’m going through this right now 🙂 Went to consult on wardrobe and the client has nothing. I can’t wait to see what I come up with. Love this sash dress idea! Early to bed, early to rise, work real hard and improvise! My motto, ha ha!

  4. Creative and brilliant! I went out earlier this evening and purchased 3 yards of the black and 3 yards of the gray/silver tone. I have models scheduled for this weekend to try these sashes out. Loving your ideas….thank you for being a great mentor.