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Testimonial Videos

Client testimonials are the most powerful word of mouth that we can create in our marketing. This week learn how to hot seat your clients to give you amazing testimonials that you can use to market your business and spread the word.

When I photographed Gena, I wanted to maximize all of my marketing options, so I shot a behind the scenes video of her session. That video not only works as a product to boost her package sale, but also for future marketing to attract new clients.

Watch this shoot, followed by a glimpse of Gena’s reveal session. Learn how I shot a marketing video at her reveal, an how I interviewed her for a video testimonial.


  1. I this the spot where we’ll find Charlotte & Wenda’s complete shoot and testimonial video’s? Would loooOoooooOooove to see those… XxxWen

  2. this is so incredible! Why do we all cry?! I look at the reveal wall and think “wouldn’t it be something to have these beautiful images of me! My lat portrait was my HS graduation photo. When you see all of these images you really see how beautiful you are.