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Styling Hair

On today’s live I will show you my seven new hair tutorials. I’ll walk you through what I look for when styling a shoot, how to work with stylists, what to tell them, and what to ask for. We’ll talk DIY styling and the best tools and tips and tricks with my hairstylist Bri Oro.

Even though makeup is important I put more emphasis on hair. As a photographer I know I am capable of changing adding removing and fixing make up in postproduction if I have to. But changing fixing adding and removing hair is a whole different story.


    1. Yeah I don’t hear the sound either. The powder is hair grit or dirt or dust. Sue uses one called Osis. It’s for volume.

    2. Post from Craig & Sue on Facebook says no sound for now. New videos with audio will be posted as soon as they can. I’d guess tomorrow at the earliest, after the intense day today!