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Studio Tours — 2017 Teaser

Coming in 2017, introducing Sue Bryce Studio Tours. This is my vision of a beautiful season of online TV series, sharing an honest intimate look into real, working, contemporary portrait studios and the photographers who are making their dream reality.

Here are the first 3 minutes of our pilot episode, which is already finished. I am filming the rest of season one during the first three months of 2017.

I want to come to your studio.
I want to see you shoot.
I want to tell your story.
I want to share your success with the world.

What are you succeeding at and how do you use your space? How are you marketing? How are you selling? What are your strengths, and what are the weaknesses you are facing in building your dreams?

Get involved in my Facebook Group, join me in building your business during our 12-Week Startup. I’ll be watching your progress and delighting in your success. And maybe one day you’ll get an email asking if I can come visit your studio.

This is the new generation of Sue Bryce Style Reality TV. A series that inspires and empowers fellow creators to keep working at building the dream.


  1. Oh my goddd, this made me giggle ridiculously! Ugh what a dream come true!! I can’t wait until I can get to the point where I have a studio space all my own!

  2. OMG. YESSSSS!!!!! I live in Canberra, Australia, I’ve been an SB member for three days now, created my home studio space today with Ikea’s help and am doing my first studio shoot in it tomorrow!! A hot 50+ silver fox yogi! …SO excited!!! This show sounds amazing!! Maybe I’ll be ready for season 2..? 😀

  3. Sue, I want you to come to your studio.
    I want you to see you shoot.
    I want you to tell my story.
    I want you to share my success with the world.
    See you soon! xoxo, Ines

  4. YES! I. Want. To. Be. Next. What an amazing opportunity! I am a seasoned photographer but new to your glamour women’s portrait scene. I am thrilled to have joined this group and can’t wait to take my studio (which is brand new this month!) to the next level. Thank you, thank you for all you do! Hugs from Ohio, Lori/Luna Studios

  5. Truly inspirational and always, always giving. The phenomenally giving nature of you, Sue Bryce, is wonderfully woven into everything you do, everywhere you go and all that you are. Humbly grateful to have ever crossed paths with you, be inspired by you and to have been changed by you for the better. Much love and gratitude to you always.

  6. Wow!!! Sue, how you share your love, enthusiasm and energy with each of us. You must be exploding with joy to see how your seedlings blossom. Hope you can visit my studio one day too and leave on a gigantic high!!

  7. Sue, I have a studio from 4 months now. I am happy! It’s cute, industrial look, very good located and the most important for me right now, out of my home. I would love you to have a look. Yesterday was holiday day for me and my flamenco friend and I, expend until 12pm light and pose experimenting and dressing in my fabrics. Was beautiful! I fell very bless. My next step now will be sales intensive and next year I will be in your challenger. I know you always have that from us but a big Thanks girl?

  8. What a wonderful idea! Can’t wait to see all the studios you visited and would just die if you came to mine! I first thought is I better step it up big time!!! ?

  9. Just seeing how Ashleigh has her roll up backdrop over the door was inspirational to me. I can’t wait to learn from these amazing photographers! who are making it happen in their corner of the world!!! Thank you for doing this, Sue and team!

  10. Wonderful!! I’m excited and inspired ? And want you to come to South Florida …. but not yet! Congratulations on sharing you’re dream … what an exciting time for you and everyone you reach

  11. Omg! What a dream! I have a studio and this is even more of a push to make my business goals a reality, just pretending that Sue Bryce will come in to my studio.

  12. I know that this will seem very odd…but I saw this happen earlier this year… I dreamt that I had finished my studio (which we are completing this coming year and I had sent you a video with an invitation to come. You showed up!! To see this now, freaked me out!! I swear I’m not odd or crazy. LOL! For me, it’s a sign… a confirmation to continue in my direction. Thank you, Sue!

  13. What a wonderful thing you are doing Sue! And Ashleigh, your space os wonderful!
    I would love this. I need help with where I am. It is extremely small and not near as bright.

  14. OMG I was just talking with my wife about how cool that would be to see how everyone’s doing, I can’t wait to watch that. And even though I’m nowhere near ready to show anything, if you want to come to Tokyo for season 3 or 4 I’ll make something happen 😀

  15. Sue, this was so exciting to hear. I was in tears just thinking maybe you could come to my studio and shoot with me. I have been in this new studio for 6 months and just love it. I am starting to make money with ips, and I love it. I would love for you to come to Bozeman, Mt and see my studio. You are always inspiring me. Thank you.

  16. Ash…. you rocked it!!!!!! Go NYC Workshop crew! I just wrote it on my vision board! I KNOW Sue wants to come up to Canada to see my studio! It will be!

    Love you Ash! So proud of you!!!!!!!

  17. Sue, you never cease to amaze me!!! I’m moving into my first legit studio at the end of this month, and I couldn’t have gotten this far without you. My door will always be open to you, here in Virginia!! <3

  18. Well, it’s going to be a Happy New Year that’s for sure. Sue, you are welcome to come and visit me in my little home studio in my quaint CT town. Stories, wine, shooting, laughing and if you document the day before you arrive, me frantically cleaning, prepping and driving everyone in my house crazy because “SUE IS COMING!” 😉 Seriously, it would be an honor.

  19. Sue, This is such a beautiful idea. I see it, feel it, claim it. Perhaps you will be inspired to visit me in my soon to be open for business home studio some day. I dream of being a stunning, stylish, storytelling glamour hybrid photographer. I quit my Executive Director job a few months ago and have been studying, imagining and creating my brand in my mind. Protecting my vision like a baby that’s too small and fragile to go out into the cruel world… where dreams are squashed with the smallest of sneers. But, the baby has grown too large to keep it hidden any longer. I am stronger. It is time for action… time for the vision to be seen by others in a tangible world. I can smell it, taste it and long for it to become a reality. I have decided that it will be so. So, thank you so much Sue for your generosity in sharing your reality and journey, knowledge and expertise. You have given me so much. And now, to honor your gift, I move forward in action. My marathon begins. I hope I will make you proud to have been my mentor and look forward to meeting you one day! Next year I will turn 55 doing what I love, creating beauty and empowering others to feel their loveliness. Bring on 2017… Happy Sue Year to me and the many you have taken under your wing! May the blessings you bestow multiply and return to you!

  20. WOW this would be a dream come true!!!! I’m just starting my business in a bedroom in my San Francisco apartment 🙂 would love to have you come visit!!! This is even more motivation for my business in the coming year!!!

  21. This is incredible – but it also makes me realize how much work I would need to feel ready for you to see my space – which is inspiring in a dog itself. 2017 is going to be great!

  22. For 2017, we hit the ground running, full out Sue Bryce. I have my first portfolio building sessions tomorrow!!!! So excited. So come visit us in Jeffersonville, IN!