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Week 9: Marketing

We spent the first six weeks of our portrait startup focusing on the skills you need to build a folio that you can fall in love with.

Over the last two weeks we’ve spoken at length about products, pricing and sales. All of which tie directly to our own sense of self value.

Now we are entering the final stage that brings this all together.

Marketing is about owning your own voice, and putting forward a statement to the world about the business you want to attract…

This week we get into all the tactical details of marketing:

  • Using “Before & After” images.
  • What printable do I need first?
  • Digital PDFs and/or Magazines?
  • Five ways to use vouchers.

More importantly we’ll talk about how to capitalize on your natural strengths as a marketer. Are you a natural publisher or a presenter?

And lastly I will teach you how to hit the crucial points of your marketing message as quickly as possible with authenticity and excitement.

Today you start the journey to claim you own voice with confidence and ownership.


  1. I had applied to be in the FB group some weeks ago. Didnt hear anything. I’ve now reapplied. It would nice to see male photographers represented a bit more snd men mentors and what seems to be lack of replies to questions in the comments. I see members posting questions that mostly don’t seem to get answered. Questions sometimes I have too.

    1. Possibly it’s the workbook that the annual subscribers get..?? Not 100% on that, but that’s what I’m guessing…

  2. The before and after show you are talking about is “Extreme Home Makeover.” It is on ABC TV my family was on that show and got a house in 2006 in North Pole, Alaska. I was divorced at that time but they got the house in front of at that time 30 million people watching the show. I am the result of the bad side of the show because the perception was I walked out on my family and left them homeless. That is the perception. This was the bottom of my life and for 10 years it got worse. Very bad. I was on the edge of a nervous breakdown.

    1. So you kind of touched a nerve but to let you know because this is not a poor me situation I have moved on. Since that show I have not seen or spoken with my children for over 10 years. I became a better person from it because I did not give up nor did I quit. Photography for me started with that show. I thought if I can take good photos people would like me. Did not work out that way and the accident was I got good at what I do. Now I am on this path which is pretty nice by the way. Pretty nice.

  3. Although I was unable to join the FB group I did my pitch. I video taped myself and it took more than a few times. This definitely is a true test to how you see yourself as a photographer and what is true to you as well as what you want to provide as a service – am so happy I did this !!!

  4. Oh my gosh Sue – I am so excited for the new templates to start selling with.
    I am saving for my sample folio but eager to start showing people what they are

    1. Thanks Marcia, I have cancelled and sent my latest request again. The last one I made in week 2 when I joined was seemingly rejected.

    1. A keynote is available under Sales Intensive series, don’t know if it is what you are looking for