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Week 8: Sales

This week is about bridging the gap between folio building and answering the question “When can I start selling?”

There are many different ways to start selling in business but, let’s start with two questions I ask everyone at this stage: Is your pricing set? Have you ever shot and sold another genre?

Let’s build from there…

Your sales will shift significantly with your internal ownership and confidence of your own value. For creative small business owners, this journey to building a valuable brand and service starts inside you.

I AM SO EXCITED to share this week with you!

Nothing has opened up my life more than my own personal path on learning to value and get paid doing what I love.


  1. “I loved working with you Katelyn. I would love your referrals. If you know someone who may be interested in learning more about your experience with me, give me a call with their name and number. I’d be happy to Chat with them about …….”

  2. I actually had a woman interested in a folio building session and when I showed her Sue’s work and said EXACTLY what She said to say she turned me down flat.

  3. Thank you Sue! Your teachings are enlightened, you are like a photo business guru! I always feel so open, free and empowered when I’ve listened to you! 😀 Love love love!

  4. Hi Sue, Having a little trouble with your maths. If you just add 70%, your CODB is WAY more than 30%. For example. Say your CODB is £300. If you just add 70% on you would be charging £510. That would make your CODB 59%. If you want to get your selling price, based on 30% CODB, you need to take your total costs £300 and divide by 0.3. Your selling price is £1000.

  5. Thank you Sue. I was drawn to you as a mentor as I knew I needed to grow/learn the business side with my creative side for this to work. Now I’m neck deep in learning about myself and having layers peeled back as I challenge myself each week.I’m looking forward to soon being able to have this resonate within “When you learn to value yourself you will love selling.”

  6. My goodness, Sue; you were looking right at me when you said “if you can’t give it away, youre not ready to sell” I am at the point where Ive been shooting weddings, (three to be exact) newbie business-just started doing real business last year, and as I would love to begin building my folio, I can’t get my friends to even sit for me. I gave a gift voucher to a “friend” (complimentary shoot, hair and makeup, 2 looks) in exchange for allowing me to post her images on website. She was late to her shoot, rushed out to see a Broadway show with full hair and makeup….I gave her all the digitals lo-res, I did a presession consult (1 1/2 hour) a post session in person consult, I even offered to help her build an album (from another supplier), she not only did NOT buy any prints, she asked me to take down the images because she felt “vulnerable” lol!!! No I feel hard-pressed to find any friends to sit with me because I feel they dont take me as serius as a stranger would. I am trying so hard to muster the inner strength to get out there but the catch 22 is, I would love to have my contemporary folio to show…..FML Thank you Sue, for putting to words what I was feeling, IM GOING TO DO THIS with you and this amazing crew to thank!!! <3

    1. A way round it would be to show the shoot in person to people so no web privacy issues but show people in person. Join a networking group and give them gift vouchers. Talk to people and entice them in. Also the brides weddings you did pop them a gift voucher and get them in again for a shoot. So some couple portraits as an anniversary gift for them so bride/ groom and partner or a bride with mum /friend. Reconnecting to your database and you could do a party after all the IPS and they bring 2 friends for champagne and nibbles ?

  7. This resonated so deeply with me! The guilt of receiving money. I am so happy you put it in the perspective of my daughter (and sons) deserve what I can do for them by receiving money. I seriously teared up and I don’t even think it was something I realized was in me. Also, about our kids getting what we are showing them, “monkey see, monkey do”. That is so true and one thing I fear is passing on to my kids my anxiety. I love that you said, everyone is good enough to serve anyone that comes to us! In the past I have looked at my clients like “they are doing me a favor by being here”. It’s just not true, they are there bc they want to be and they want me to shoot them. I was not putting any value on myself. 🙂 I need to watch this video 2 or 3 more times! Thank you!!!

  8. Sue – this is SUCH a HUGE issue that I really wish you’d host a women’s retreat or general retreat (sorry guys) on this issue of SHAME. I said women’s because I wonder if women, more than men, struggle with this issue. I currently host a women’s Playing Big monthly working book club based on the book Playing Big by Tara Mohr and the issue of deserving success and greatness seems to be a theme that comes up for so many of us. I attended a week-long women’s retreat with the amazing Joyce Tenneson last year and you’d make a great host of such a retreat! Just a thought! 😀