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Week 6: Photoshop & Lightroom

I tested the first version of Photoshop when I was still working as a traditional retoucher — back when retouching meant using chemicals, dyes, and film in a darkroom.

I have owned every version of Photoshop since then.

Today I’m adding to our existing retouching library: A much-requested tutorial on retouching in Lightroom, and a couple of my own “hacks” for working faster in Photoshop. See the links below or to the right under RELATED.

Photoshop or Lightroom does not need to be as complicated or intimidating as many people make it out to be.


  1. I had never considered that I was hiding behind Photoshop, but that may be the case. I LOVE photo editing (some people like to read; I like to Photoshop), and I spend way too much time editing my photos. I am one of those who needs to learn what’s good enough and walk away. Hi. My name is Debbie Packer, and I’m a Photoshop addict.

  2. I’ve always used lightroom, and started photoshop after these videos!… life changer! …. I started at 48 mins per image im down to 20… I hope soon be at 5-7 max LOL… thank you!!!!! <3

    1. Good for you, I love lightroom and have ps cc now. But I need to learn more, esp get my workflow simpler, I shoot raw all the time.

  3. I absolutely loved this video. I was laughing out loud when you told me I was hiding behind Photoshop. It’s so true! It’s so strange to connect with someone who has never seen your face.

    1. It’s in the PDF called “Week-6’Photoshop-and-Lightroom” right under the video on the right! 🙂

  4. I have used PSE in the past (not terribly well) wanting to make the jump to PS and LR. I bought the CC Im overwhelmed with how to start and which one! to start with. They seem to be very inter related. When I master this, it will be awesome!!

  5. I spend an hour an image and avoid marketing! I know she was speaking directly to me! I’m really good with Photoshop and and still picked up great tips in the videos. Awesome!

    1. That’s the BEST way to do it is just jump in and go! The more you play with the tools the more you learn! Go girl go!!! 😀