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4:34:22 Duration

Week 4: Posing

The 12 Week Startup has been about taking every area that I teach, and stripping it back to the core fundamentals.

Today’s lesson is huge.

Posing has been a huge part of my journey as a photographer for over 27 years.

There are so many variables to work with in good posing. From different body shapes & sizes, to guiding people who can and cannot move. This is more about understanding body language and making sure every person who sits for you looks their best.

For me the study of pose has provided complete fascination to watch the symbiosis of movement and direction. I love to bring people into their best light whilst crafting an image that looks both beautiful and believable.

This week I will show you how to plan and map 20 core starting poses, and how to flow through 4-5 simple changes in each look.

In this lesson we cover curves posing and the intriguing intricacies of posing siblings, and all family members and how it differs from posing couples.


  1. I’m sorry that I don’t see it. But Sue refers to the “rule of 9s” and I am not seeing that lesson anywhere. Is it part of this posing video? She seemed to intimate it was it’s own video.

  2. Sue had mentioned that she was going to post the basic guide she was following to do this. I don’t seem to be able to find it :/ Has it just not been posted yet?

  3. Hi, I’m enjoying the start up videos. What size and brand is the diffuser that you use in / by the window? Looks like about 6′ x 6″. Thanks!

  4. Thank you students for being brave and shooting on camera. Thank you for not being perfect! Imagine if you had nailed every shot the first time. A) We wouldn’t have learned as much and 2) We would have felt like everyone out there is better at this then us.

  5. Oh my goodness. I need THIS so bad and I am so thankful. Thank you Sue Bryce for sharing this information. I have been lacking here (with posing) feeling so awkward and uncomfortable at times. Really excited for this information.

  6. You all did GREAT! I can imagine it’s a lot of pressure feeling Sue right behind you and knowing we are all watching! Eeek! Great videos & downloads x

  7. I’ll admit it and I don’t feel stupid. I STILL don’t really know how to do that! #toggle&recompose I think I know that your talking about the little squares inside but I always go back to the middle because I feel like that’s my safety zone!

  8. 19:54 it was an ‘uh-huh’ moment! I’ve been doing too many “passport photos” trying to crop after to look more like a cover-shot! I think I just said “OMGawd” out loud! lol #awesome

    1. Go into the posing sectiion and then you will find the wall video and the guide is in that section

  9. Thank you so much for this 12 week start up! It is exactly what I needed.
    Also, I have tried to get on the Facebook education and start up groups, but keep getting denied. Is there a particular way to request to be in those groups?

  10. Thank you so much for the detailed instruction. I have been wanting something like this for the longest time! Thank you to the students on line in class as well. What amazing examples you are for me!

  11. I love this part, I will be watching it like 100 times. What I would also very gladly see is students practice but with a model who has never ever did it, like strait “from the street” as the ones here really know what is happening and what to do. But when a person never participated in such a shoot and you instruct them they constantly have this strange look saying “what the hell..” and sometimes talking like crazy and calming them and explaining and showing outcome does not help, they are overwhelmed and stiff and it shows in the expression. I would love to see how you handle such a client. Anyway the classes are so great! Love them! Thank you!!! 🙂

    1. This is so true! “Oh god, I’ll look stupid!” Is something I hear often when asking people to push their chin forward.

  12. Thank you for this video! I have constantly been overwhelmed by just how much there is to know about posing, but with the live intro You really broke it down and gave us somewhere to start 🙂 love it

    1. she was first using a 35mm lens with Shawna, but then forgot to change out her lens when shooting Jane. A 35mm lens will slim down Shawna, but cause too much distortion for Jane since she’s already thin, so the better lens to shoot Jane would be the 50mm. 🙂

  13. Quick question… with using things like apple boxes in posing as in this video, has anyone experienced any fall back from sales for a portrait that has an apple box in the pose? I ask because although the client looks great when reclining on an apple box, the box itself is not really attractive and I’m curious if this has at any point become an issue at the sales table? just curious.

  14. Best posing videos yet! The movement of the shoulders was extremely informative (in the posing overview segment). I hadn’t looked at shoulders that way before.

    1. Agreed! What brave students for letting that be filmed! I would have been a wreck. Good on them for giving us that experience even though we weren’t there. Thanks Sue and students!!!!

  15. Sue… Just when I think your training couldn’t possibly get any better… You out do (out give) yourself again. This training blew me away! Thank you so much!!!