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Week 4: Posing
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4:34:22 Duration

Week 4: Posing

The 12 Week Startup has been about taking every area that I teach, and stripping it back to the core fundamentals.

Today’s lesson is huge.

Posing has been a huge part of my journey as a photographer for over 27 years.

There are so many variables to work with in good posing. From different body shapes & sizes, to guiding people who can and cannot move. This is more about understanding body language and making sure every person who sits for you looks their best.

For me the study of pose has provided complete fascination to watch the symbiosis of movement and direction. I love to bring people into their best light whilst crafting an image that looks both beautiful and believable.

This week I will show you how to plan and map 20 core starting poses, and how to flow through 4-5 simple changes in each look.

In this lesson we cover curves posing and the intriguing intricacies of posing siblings, and all family members and how it differs from posing couples.