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Week 12: Legal & Launch
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2:00:37 Duration

Week 12: Legal & Launch

In the class we are going to tackle the most uncomfortable and confusing part for most photographers starting a portrait business… the legal side of the business.

About three years ago I became aware of Rachel Brenke. Rachel is articulate, beautiful, and such an incredible person.

She is extraordinary. While she was growing her family of now 5 children, she also got her MBA, her law degree, and she managed to build a successful career. She is also a photographer.

She is The LawTog.

In this class she will be presenting on the legal side of the business from her perspective as both a lawyer and photographer. Rachel is going to break down the legalities behind contracts, advertising, websites, copyright, and so much more. She will discuss what you should be doing, what you shouldn’t be doing, and show you the steps to take so you no longer need to fear the legal side of your portrait business.