Twelve-Week Graduation!

A Sue Bryce Live Event - March 21-22, 2017

The 12-Week Startup Challenge kicks off in January 2017, and this two-day broadcast is our graduation day! Join me for shooting and live critique for beginners. It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed and lose confidence, working as a group we will set up and face all of these start up challenges together.

Day One: We will go back through all the posing and lighting challenges, hands on with a group of beginning photographers here in my LA Studio in a live shoot.

Day Two: We will critique your marketing packages and look at the fundamental steps to putting yourself out there and getting sales.

One of the greatest gifts I have been given after spending over half my life in a Portrait studio is to watch and mentor thousands of photographers build solid contemporary portrait businesses. There are so many challenges to starting up and getting out there and we know the biggest challenge is often ourselves.

This workshop is the graduation event where you claim ownership of the skills you have gained over the last twelve weeks, and where you prepare yourself for the next stage of your business in 2017!