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Week 11: Website

I have 10 powerful requirements for a visually dynamic and functional website.

Today’s class is looking at these 10 powerful tips and how they enhance the experience, connection, and education of my brand and service.

Some foremost requirements are good clean navigation and copy that entices and engages.

Your site should give your clients the ability to learn more about you and your services. It should provide easy call to action to contact you for that one-on-one connection and education.

Learn that less is more. We will cover galleries, multiple genres, the perfect about page, lead generation & capture contact forms, contracts, testimonials, and more.  I am going to show you the powerful systems you can put in place that help you take bookings while you sleep.


  1. What do you think about web hosting? I used to have SmugMug and I could manipulate it any way possible. I had my phone, email, contact info. everything. Only I had to pay yearly for the site. I got left Smugmug because I needed to accumulate the type of images that I wanted to brand–Women’s Photography. Is paying for a website better than a hosted one?