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57:50 Duration

Week 1: Studio Setup

I get the idea that most people feel like they need so much stuff when they first start. And the truth is is what do you really, really need? What is your bare minimum? In this first week, we’re going to talk about the most basic setup that you need to get you started building your folio.

I honestly cannot reinforce any more how basic my studio setup is. This has never changed for me in 27 years.

As you will see, this basic studio setup is the backbone of my business and brand. It is 90 percent of what I still use daily. It is so easy to create this setup in your own lounge if you have to.

In order to help you build a business and sell your work, I first have to get you to a place where you can build a folio that you fall in love with. And that’s what the beginning of this 12-week startup is all about.