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It’s time to launch your portrait photography business!

It’s the final week of our 12 Week Startup. Are you ready to move forward? The time has come to launch your brand and to own your path. This is the time where we start to adjust what it is that we are walking towards.

It is time to take stock of what you have learned, set your intentions, and move forward with your portrait photography business. Call it “Butt Kick Week,” or “Certainty and Conviction Week.” This is the week where you decide what you truly want. It’s the week where you learn to get out of your own way and start walking towards it! It’s time to take everything you’ve learned the last few weeks and put it into action. Get ready to LAUNCH!

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Over the next week, Sue will keep giving you the tools you need to create a business and thrive. Whether you are new to being a portrait photographer and need advice from the ground up, or if you are an experienced portrait photographer who wants to take their business to the next level, this course is going to help your business grow.